Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My GUESS handbag

Remember my previous post about wanting to get handbags from GUESS?

Well, few weeks ago i actually went over to GUESS (The new boutique at 1Utama II) to look for these 2 babies. Tough luck. Apparently i forgot that i'm in Malaysia and we DON"T HAVE ANY SEASONS HERE!!! Thus every item there is.....last seasons, or last last seasons, or last last last seasons..... hehe...Not that i have anything against it. Coz i actually like it this way, everything that i buy can last me like a decade without ever having them going "out of season". OK well, maybe they do have the "new arrivals" on the shelf but i dont remember seeing anything from the GUESS website there. So its either GUESS is not updating their website or WE are not getting the latest designs on time. I believe its the latter.

Same goes to American Idol 4 where ppl in US gets to see them on Wednesdays and we only get to see it on Friday. umm, bad example cos i really think thats a pretty good enough attempt.Bravo to 8TV. OK, a bad example is "America's Next Top Model". Can you believe that we are now only in season 3, in which i already knew who won since like a couple of months ago?? (ahem i happen to follow the episodes via UPN website and fansofrealitytv forum) and UPN is showing the seasons 4 already. ( oh btw anyone knows where i can download the episodes of season3 please do let me know id truely appreciate it, im not able to catch it on TV due to the bad broadcast timing)

So, instead of getting the black one or the white one(see previous post). I ended up buying one in black and white!! at 40% off!!! *clap clap clap* Its something very classic and IMO wont go out of season( like i care ). It has a lovely black & white checkard knits infront and 4 big studs on 4 corners....regtangular shape and fit whatever i need just right. Wish i have a digicam to show you guys but all i have is the digicam on my PDA that is of poor quality and do no justice in the night (no flash).

What inspired me to write about my lovely new bag is that it fetched compliments from a total stranger today while i was waiting at a lift returning from a meeting. This middle aged men was waiting for the lift too and while waiting he just commented "very nice bag" and that led to exchanging of namecards and so on.....hmmm, it could be a lame attempt to get my namecard but oh well, it did make my day. Dont we just love compliments?!


Reta said...

I've actually almost given up on GUESS. I used to pay RM100+ for a genuine leather wallet back in the 90's. Now you get PVC stuff and very tacky... *sigh*

Even Nine West bags are like what..Made in China?

I think I better save up to get a LV or Gucci which can last all seasons =)

Fashionasia said...

hehe...ya, i actually started loathing it since paris hilton became ambassador. LOL oh well, untill i can actually afford em GUCCI i have to settle for GUESS. Both are 5 letter words starting with a G what.....

oh, and YES its MADE IN CHINA. :P

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