Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Craze Rumours And Hurraw Review

Hi there!! Today i have 2 new great lip product to share.
About 2 weeks ago, this nice lady from approached me if id like to try out 2 lip products they carry. I accepted the offer because i'm a total sucker for lip products, it is no doubt my most favorite item amongst all beauty products.

First up is a lip balm called Crazy Rumors in the flavor of Orange Creamsicle.

I loveee this one as the lip balm is nothing like what i have used before. The texture is creamy and moist. The scent is fragrant....this one smells a little like orange cheesecake.A Creamy orange. It felt great and fresh when applied and is able to last quite a while. I truely fell in love with this as after using it for couple of days, my cracked lips healed and does not peel off that easily anymore.
I must say that i'm impressed and will definately recommend this to others.
The best part of this Crazy Rumors lip balm is that it is made from natural ingredients as well as cruelty free and vegan.

Next up is called Hurraw!

This is an .15oz tinted lip balm and the flavor i got to try is Black cherry. I love tinted lip balm as it gives color to the lips without being overdone. I will normally just use a tinted balm instead of full colored lipstick as it gives me a much more natural look. What strikes me most about Hurraw is its packaging. Unlike most lip balms, the shape of the tube is oval. Its kinda flat and broad thus is makes a great little gadget to keep in ones purse.
Black Cherry is quite a dark color. However, when glide on my lips, it gives me a light maroon.d The color is very nice and in fact, i thought its just the right color for me. However, I don't quite like the scent of cherry. It does not smell a nice as the orange creamsicle from Crazy Rumors. Perhaps that's just my personal preference. I guess i'm more of a strawberry person than cherry. However, this lip tint totally come up top on my most favorite liptint till date. I've been using this religiously for the past 2 weeks or so and i still love it.
Hurraw balms are also made of natural ingredients, organic and vegan too.

Do give these two product a try as I highly recommend them.
Head over to and give it a go. You have plenty of flavors and choices to choose from, hope you love them as much as i do mine!

Much Love,

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Amanda Silver said...

this cherry balm has such a lovely color. being made from natural ingredients is a huge advantage for my lips health :)