Monday, November 15, 2010

Eucerine Anti acne Solution

31 Years and a baby......... I'm shy to say that I am STILL battling acne! Can you believe that?
I'm constantly battling acne ever since I was 18 and have perhaps tried every solution in the market. Thousands of ringgit later......I finally found something that I "THINK" is one of the best facial wash for acne prone skin like mine. Its the new acne range from Eucerine.

I haven't got the chance to take a picture, but it is basically the range in Green. I bought the cleanser called DermoPurifyer Cleanser. After using it for about a month now, i realized that I experienced lesser breakouts(even during PMS). Which is a marked improvement! I also realize my skin felt cleaner and smoother too. I'm really satisfied with my purchase. And its a over the counter product, which means "cheap" too! Though the price isn't exactly cheap as compared to other counter products, i still feel that it is value for money. I bought mine from Watsons, and i hope to drop by and get the other products available in this range such as the Toner and the moisturizer too.

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