Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hada Labo

Recently many beauty blogs have been reviewing hadalabo, though im not one of the lucky ones to get to try them for FREE ever since i've neglected my blog, hehe...however, i have long been intrigued by hada labo ever since guardian carried them.

Boasting to be the No.1 selling face lotion in Japan (1sold every 4 seconds) totally caught my attention because well, i trust the Japanese especially in beauty products and food. :) Hey, look at them! they are one of the longest living people on earth.

And so, i recently bought a box pax that consist of a foam wash, toner(they call it lotion), and moisturizer. Cost me about RM89.90. Later i also bought a night serum for dark spots for about RM59.90.

After using them for a week, i think it suits my skin as the lotion(toner) is one of the mildest that i have used so far. It does not sting when apply on the skin. No alcoholic feeling nor smell and it is very subtle on the skin. The moisturizer is great too as my skin feel very well hydrated after a nights sleep. The face wash is ok....nothing great in my opinion. Just like any other normal face wash.

As for the serum, i probably need a couple more weeks to see if it actually works on my dark spot so i'll give it a different review later.

The verdict. The toner is highly recommended and the moisturizer too! Great product.

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NKD said...

Hi, did this product work for you?