Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Turning 30!!

oh mymy.....Its already August and i've only done 14 posts for the year!! haha....what a blogger am i! Well, this month, i'm turning 30, and for the past few days, i've been having this nagging feeling of getting old. You know, for a lady, turning 30 is a big deal! Its like you've finally reach life at its peak and its only going downhill from now!!! Unlike men, where 30 is only the beginning. Le Sigh....

My hubby always tells me that a women look their best when they are 30. And he always assured me that i would look my best when im there. Well, its drawing near and all i see in the mirror is ME at my heaviest EVER!! Double Sigh!!!!!

But the good news is i've finally manage to shed another 2 kg this month. That means another 4kgs to go to reach me pre-pregnancy weight. Weightloss is such a struggle post pregnancy. Dispite me being utterly breathless and worn out....the weight just refuses to melt away after the initial 10kg. I put on a total of 17kgs during my pregnancy. The final 5kg was stubborn as hell.

I'm going to celebrate my birthday and I'm gonna treat my family for a great buffet. I'm planning my own celebration! heh.....But of course it would be charged to my hubby's credit card! haha....of course he is paying! I've already done him a favor by organizing my own party. The least he can do is pay. Hmm.....'i'm thinking about Lemon Garden buffet at Shangrila. I wonder how much is the dinner buffet and how can i get a good deal?? Any special offers going on?

I have like a week to go and i'm determined to loose another 2kg. I need to look good on my birthday! I've already got myself a good haircut. Burnt RM600 for that. *wipes sweat*.

Anyway, I'm feeling quite good as the big 3-0 approaches. I truely am grateful for what I have, where I am now and my best achievement before 30 is becoming a mom. I feel so blessed.


beetrice said...

welcome back! :)

hey, at least you have an excuse for the excess weight - a baby! for the rest of us, no excuse la...hehe...

lemon garden at shang is pretty good, but it can get rather crowded. if i'm not mistaken there's a promo with some credit card, but can't remember which one..

Mumsgather said...

Happy Birthday soon. To a past 40 person, what is 30? No worries. No worries. Once you're past 40, you'll look even better. Hahaha.

jemima said...

You are blessed! :D

May you continue to be blessed!

Happy Blessed Birthday, my friend. :D

blinka.Li said...

haha, agree agree, but since I can fit in all my previous pants, I just dont want to look at the scale for now to know how much I had lost. I know I am still about roughly 5kg from my pre-preg weight. But then again my pre-preg weight was 4kg more than my ideal weight!! hahaha Hell!

Your hubby knows the best, women look the best when they are in 30s!! REally! An early Happy Birthday to YOU! :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

RM600 for a hair-cut?? Wow, you very seh tuck hor? And happy b'day to you. You're only going to be 30? So young!! I wish I was 30 only too!