Monday, March 02, 2009

March already?!!

Now whatdoya know....its MARCH now!!! mymy.......and i just have a feeling in a blink of an eye it'll be Christmas already.

I know I haven't been blogging much......very little fashion/beauty adventure for me these days. But yesterday i manage to buy a Nivea lipgloss in strawberry. Boy I love it!! Sheer color, moisturing effect, UV protection...smells sweet. The perfect lipgloss for a mom with baby. :)

Anyway, I'm contemplating to start a new blog........a MUMMY blog! haha...wonder if it would be a good idea since i'm already so busy to manage my new life.
Truth is, 'ive been blogging too....but at a private/personal blog for my little princess.....
You might say...har? another mummy blog ah? so many around....well, truth is...during my pregnancy or through my journey as a new mom, i do have lots of questions and i have to google for answers....can't find much information on mummy blogs except some because most of the blogs only talk about the kid's daily life and how cute they were....well, I was searching for answers. So since i do have "some" answers now. I think it'll do good to mom's to be if i share them. Save them from some agony I've gone through.

I dunno.....its an idea. But i can't help to think if i should start it anonymously or with true characters. Can't decide........ because i'm really a very private person, i like my privacy.


Tine said...

Oh do start a mummy blog. I'll read it, even though I'm not a mum (yet) :P

Anonymous said...

agree with tine! would love to read it :D and pls share it with us, who knows it might save our lives one day? :p