Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Currently at 7 months preggers....I've already gained 11kg. And i was not small to begin with. Man, do i feel like a giant whale! I wonder if i would be able to loose all that weight post pregnant! oh and not to mention my thunder thighs....they are full of cellulite!!!!

I wonder if liposuction will work? hehe......I've never ever considered cosmetic surgery. But then again, if I can find a good and qualified doctor like Dr Yazdanfar from Toronto. I would probably be in safe hands. She is one of the top physicians in Toronto.
Dr Yazdanfar performs liposuction and breast augmentation at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.

I dont think i need to work on my breast.....But i do wonder how much would it cost to do a liposuction. Maybe with all the oils exstracted, I can make some money selling them off. haha!! Oh....talking about Fat people, i saw the news yesterday about the Fattest man on earth!!! He is soo heavy he needs to use a crane or something to get him out from the house and transported via a lorry!!! Wow.....and.....he just got married!! Really amazing, The women clearly loves him. Salute! Hopefully he will be successful in loosing all those weight. He lost quite some amount of weight already through some help from the professionals. Perhaps he should also look for Dr Yazdanfar for a liposuction.


Anonymous said...

i dont mind to have my fats to be sucked out....for free :D

Anonymous said...

I haven't come back here for awhile and you're 7 months preggie?

Don't worry too much about the fats. If you breast feed, you'll lose it pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

try breast feeding, you will get your figure back in shape in no time.