Sunday, November 02, 2008

Missha The Style Mascara Base

I've finally had the opportunity to use this mascara base that i bought from Missha. haha....after such a long time!! Cos i haven't been putting alot of make-up lately. I initially intended to try it out when i went for a wedding dinner last month but believe me or not......i forgot!!
haha....silly me, i made-up my entire face.......including eyeshadow and all....but totally forgot to put on my mascara!! like duh...somemore i already put it on my dressing table. silly.

Anyway, i just came back from a wedding dinner. And i made sure that i tried on this mascara base today! was it?
Frankly i really love it. There are lots of fiber. And once applied, i realized that it does not only elongate my lashes, it also create more volume to it. That i really love.
On top coat, i used my Maybelline Volume express. Hmm....doesn't seem lush enough....So i added another coat using my Anna sui. Ahh....much better. :) I love my anna sui mascara. But the only problem for me with my Anna sui is that i dont know how to apply it to make my lashes look more natural. It kinda gets thick and clump my lashes to look quite fake. hmm....need to practice more.

Overall, first time using this, i quite like it. And for that price (I bought it for around RM29.90) its really worth it.


Anonymous said...

any pictures? :P

Anonymous said...

this brand quite popular