Monday, October 06, 2008

How about a babymoon?

Well, time is ticking...and once baby pops....i guess i wont have much of a "me" time to relax anymore. Taking that into consideration, im planning for a babymoon. Hey if the hubby doesn't plan it....i'll just kidnap him again like how i use to.
Some people marry romantic man that plans for surprise holidays for the wife (like my dad! are so lucky). But my man? erm....surprise?? what surprise?? he does not take initiative. He never does. If we ever go anywhere on a is always me who does the planning.....and booking....and kidnap him for 2 days. haha...thats just the way we are. :)
If i want a getaway, i just plan it. Who says its a man's job anyway right......wife can spring a surprise trip for our husbands as well......and often times, it is very much appreciated.

So.....i just booked a hotel near KLCC for next week. Initially wanted to stay for 2 nights but i think hubby could be busy so it'll just be for a night. :) Looking forward to have a good relaxing stay in the hotel and have a good rest.....and not forgetting some shopping at KLCC! yah!


beetrice said...'s nice to be surprised once in a while - and besides, I reckon now's the time your hubby should be agreeing to (almost) anything with the baby so close! :) Enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

sounds so lomantic!
i also want to have someone plans it for me :(

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's so sweet. Now I'm inspired to plan a romantic getaway too. :D