Thursday, October 02, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11

*some spoilers n this post.....if u haven't watch then don't read*

[picture taken from wikipedia]

Squeals!! eeeeee!! I just love ANTM(America's Next Top Model).
haha...i know some of you might roll your eyes....but i really can't help it. I love to watch all the model wannabes. ANTM is probably the one and only reality TV that i catch-up from Youtube.
I've probably watch all the cycles already, perhaps not every episode cos some cycles are really BORING. Like the previous cycle 10. I don't even remember most of them girls. And their pictures were lousy.

But but but. Cycle 11 is superb!!! Because most of them are GORGEOUS. And we have a trans well as an Asian! Go Sheena! And the pictures they take looks amazing. I totally have a hard time deciding who i think should go and who should stay. Accept for Hannah....she is so irritating and whiny!!! arghh.......she should have gone earlier.

Isis, even as a beautiful. I think she should stay longer. But but........comparing to the others, Isis is probably the right person to go episode 4........cos seriously these bunch of girls are good!! and she lacks self confidence.

I really do hope Sheena could do well and go further. I enjoy watching her, not only because she is asian, she is sincere...... and she have such a great body. I'm just a little annoyed with her it too dark or wat? i can't pinpoint.

Another girl that i love to watch would be Elina. She looks amazing all the time!

Im just sad that fansofrealitytv forum does not cover ANTM anymore. I wonder why? i always only visit that forum during ANTM cycles to see what additional news and juicy info from the forumers. OK...can't wait to download the next episode.


Anonymous said...

Ohh, I love them too!! Drama!! When r they showing actually?

Donna said...

i love antm! i watch the cycle 11 on youtube too. the wait is killing me! *squeals!*

omg, i love sheena! but i really think that her makeover took her asian-ness frm her. =(


Fashionasia said...

zamnzara: malaysia dont have yet ler...gotto download from youtube.

the donna: haha....its a long weekly wait indeed! sigh...i agree about sheena! i thought she looked so much better with her black curls!