Monday, August 25, 2008

Forever 21

The thing about being pregnant is that, you'd get to spend on new clothes....not out of impulse, but out of necessity.

I have walked into various maternity shops around but i could never part with RM150 for a dress that i'd only be wearing for a couple of months. Plus, maternity clothes are kinda ugly. hehe....not all are but....most of them are very obvious that they are maternity clothes so i definately will not be able to wear them post pregnant.

But the other day, I was at 1Utama and walked into Forever21. And i went crazy!!!! haha......I never bought anything from Forever21 because i feel that the price here in Malaysia is marked up so high as compared to the price you see online. But.....they are having sales!! and this time, the sales are pretty genuine. Up to 70% discount.
Plus, there are plenty of clothes that is so suitable for maternity!! The cutting is great, the material is comfortable, they fit like a glove! I can even fit into an M size.......much to my delight. The best part is, they are much cheaper than Maternity clothes!!!

In all, i bought 4 pieces of clothes. 2 at about RM46 down from a RM99 pricetag.
Another 2 for RM60something. (forgot wats the original price). But i love them so much!! And i can even see myself wearing them post pregnancy. Which is really great.

Check out some of them(suitable for preggers) on sales from the site

drools....just go checkout the sales section


Olive Poppy said...

The "kimono" one looks so comfy! Show us your purchases! :D

Anonymous said...

i am a f21 fan :D did u notice that, the clothing trend now is more towards the doll dress or top? instead of tight-fitting one

Fashionasia said...

missmall: lets see if i can do that...hehe...i can be so lazy sometimes..

prettyb: ya! babydoll dresses are so in right? and shapeless tops too...haha....such a great time to be preggie.

Anonymous said...

i like the kimono too.. i m also preggie now.. hard to get any clothes.. and bored to talk to the mall also.. :(

Anonymous said...

I spent heaps on maternity dresses at Mothercare etc for my first pregnancy but with the trends for looser fitting regular clothes gaining poularity in the last two years I was able to get great looking, fashionable clothes that I could use after the delivery from places like Top Shop and F21.