Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buy contact lenses online

I heard that i'm suppose to stock up on things i might need to use because during confinement time, i CANNOT go out shopping....and may not even have the time to do any shopping for 1-2 months.
With that, i began to search around for online stores that I can do my shopping and purchases from home.

I'm glad to find because then i can order my disposable lenses online!
I actually prefer wearing lenses than my glasses because i tend to get dizzy with glasses and its uncomfortable. Where else if you get a good contact lens, sometimes you even forget that you are wearing them.

Lensshopper has an interesting site especially if you are considering buying colored contacts.
You can select the model that looks the most like you. (I kinda hope they have an asian model for this). Then choose the color blends that you desire. If you think it looks great on the model, it'll probably look great on you too. I really like Freshlook colorblends because it is very natural.
I've tried Green, Amethyst, Gray, hazel, brown, blue.... probably most of the colors already....hehe :)

Do check out the site, they have some great offers going.


sHin said...

i cant seem to find shipping details, how much does it cost to ship internationally?

Anonymous said...

Give TryOnContacts a go if you want to virtually try on colored contacts. It's cool since you can also upload a picture of your face!