Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Recently went to 1Utama while hubby drop by homefix to get some tools....I hopped across into Skinfood. Yey!!

I've been looking for BB creams. And knowing that Skinfood is among the brands that does have BBcream in its collection, i went to check it out.
Frankly, i never step foot into Skinfood shop before. I always thought that the price was unaffordable, and the shop never appealed to me.

Somehow, my perspective changed as i walked into the shop. The price tag was erm.....ok.....more or less like TheBodyShop. Plus, the concept is similar too....using natural ingredients in their products. Skinfood hails from Korea. And the reason why BBcream became the craze now in Asia is because of the Koreans!! They started using BBcream when one of the famous actress started using it to cover some scars. I've been reading and hearing about the rave of it is a little short of a miracle to cover up scars. I thought to myself, i must try one of those!!!

So, without hesitating, i took a tube of BBcream. There were 2 shades to choose from and i took the darker one. I'm not exactly fair, but the darker tone still seem a little light on me. I guess koreans are really fair. To my surprise it only cost RM54.90. Kinda cheap for a BBcream. I was told that this BB cream is actually a combi of moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen SPF20.
I love the concept as with this, i need not slab on layers and layers of stuffs on my face. Only 1 will do.

I also saw the foundation and was rather attracted to buy that too but in the end decided to leave that for another day.

I also bought the Shea butter Lip care Bar. I took raspberry for a tint of color. I love this one.

On my way at the cashier, I took the nail color in lilac. As it was only RM8.80! i took that to make my bill cross RM80. :) Every RM20 entitles me for a chop and i'd get a free gift after 5 chops. 1 more to go!

oh...and notice the little sachet? its a tomato whitening toner. The sales lady threw that in as a free sample.


Tine said...

I can't wait to try out the BB cream when I'm back in M'sia. Heard so much about it :)

Anonymous said...

yeah i have heard so much about the BB cream also but never give it a shot. please review it soon! oh yeah i bought their lemon make up base from there, i dont quite like it given that i look like a ghost after applying tht make up base, then another layer of foundation :(

Royalshoppingarcade said...

hi fashionasia,
My colleague was just talking about it and was wondering where she could get it. Since you've bought it at Skinfood and its not that costly, I'll wait for you to test it out and let me know, k?if the second darker one is still light, then how la for my skin tone. its not fair that I'm not fair??hahhaha

Anonymous said...

what is this BB cream thingy ?

I like the concept of Skin Food, but some items are quite pricy for me.

Olive Poppy said...

Heard raves about BB cream on some Malaysian beauty blogs but am too lazy to experiment. So I guess I'll be waiting for your reviews. Haha.

Jeremy C said...

aaah, it's been a while since i came here.

and the reviews are getting better,too.

skin care is big with guys, too. would be nice to do a review on men's products ;)

Fashionasia said...

tine: im not sure where can i get skin79 and missha bbcreams in msia yet....ive only seen them selling at forums in sprees. Still need to buy frm korea i suppose.

prettybeautiful: okie...will try to do a review soon. :) lets just say im not crazy over it yet...give me some time to explore.

royalSA: sent u an email...:) actually i find them not suitable for ppl with darker skintone. Still need to campur with foundation of the right color i suppose.

aiyu: answered u in my next post. :)

missSmall: will do a review soon. At this moment i'm not sure i like it or i dont...hehe

LD: ah?? u're back?!!

Anonymous said...

oooo! i love shopping for beauty products! you seem really contented with your haul!

Alice in the wonderland said...

Buy the new BB cream that has SPF 36++. It's far greater than this BB Cream and it gives u the look like u havent put anything on ur face. It's a little pricy, cost RM89.90. @@ but it's worth to buy I must say. I love this new BB cream. :)
Check out their loose powder. It's just so match with ur BB cream.

Cheers, :)