Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Leave-in conditioner I'm using??

Ok. I have this for a long time now but haven't blog about it yet. Being inspired by Tine's poll, i've decided to share about this new product that I've been using. Lucidol.

Hmm...not sure which country it hails from but I think Lucidol is a Japanese brand.

I like this leave-in conditioner because it smells good. It also have this slightly shiny tint that makes the hair shine after applying. But do not overuse it. Only a little is needed.
I only apply them after a wash. Towel dry hair. Apply loosely at the ends of the hair and then comb. It will look very different when the hair dries compared to not putting anything at all.

Apart from this, i also have 2 other Ludicol products.

I find the lucido-l Singapore site is quite informative. Love those curls!


Tine said...

I think Lucidol's a Japanese brand. I first saw this brand in Japan, and tried the hair wax, which was pretty good.

I'll check out this leave-in conditioner when I'm back in M'sia :)

Anonymous said...

yeah i think is a jap brand. i have the overnight hair wax. but i hardly use it, coz, if i use it at nite after i shampoo my hair, my hair will look...funny in the morning

nonxtopic said...

hey.. the website is pretty good in given info how to make ur hair. Went to buy the pre-curl straight when saw ur website.. Try it out but it did not turn out right as the tutorial given. Maybe need more practice. Heheh!! Really helpful though. Thanks!