Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl, My thoughts

I know i'm late but i just finished watching ma......
it doesnt interest me as much as ANTM(America's Next Top Model) does....Cycle 10 now and I'm uber upset over the recent elimination. She's my favourite!!!

Anyhow, here are some of my thoughts over the show:

1. Elaine Daily is one of my favorite Malaysian model. She is articulate and beautiful.
HOWEVER, in MDG, she came across to me as very CONDESCENDING especially towards Kenny Sia. I mean duh......3 of you are the judges. All 3 of you are experts in your own field. She should show some respect to Kenny instead of dominating decisions and always putting kenny down as if he is some small boy who doesn't know a thing about models or fashion. Duhh.....she forgot this is a popularity contest! in which Kenny is terribly popular. Coupled with the fact that this is ONLINE television, in which Kenny Sia is the "King" of celebrity bloggers! I think he knows more about what people want than Elaine. But if this was ANTM or Malaysias Next Top Model. Then, perhaps she can play Tyra.

2. The title " Malaysian Dreamgirl" to me can be very confusing. The public have no idea what type of girls are they actually looking for. Is she suppose to be a "potential model" or is she suppose to be all sweet and nice like a typical "dreamgirl" a guy would want to bring home to mom?? Does it matter if she is not 5ft 9?? Because "Malaysians" are generally petite.... I think they should set the expectations clearly from the very begining. Even before the auditions. eg. " We are looking for TOP Model Material" So those girls shorter than 5ft7 should just bug off lah...

3. What happend to Jean? Why didn't she even come to the finale and do a catwalk??

4. Where is Sazzy Falak in the finale????!!!

5. The fashion show was just, walk walk walk walk, music, walk..... I thought fashion show should have some commentary while they walk in introducing the gowns....introducing the contestants.....etc?

6. Ringo i love you dear but you look way too skinny to pull off the dresses......I think the cutesy dresses do look good on you though. They shouldn't have given her dresses that make her look like a kid wearing adult dresses. Its not flattering at all.

7. Why do all the girls look so fierce and some expressionless in the runway?? Fiqa is the only one that actually did well with her expression.

8. I don't get the much hate hauled at Cindy. I appreciate her showing us the real person she is in front of the camera. Even though it made her to be the "bitch" of the bunch.....but yet i do not feel hate at all. I think she deserves to win as much as any other contestant. She is definitely not the best among the lot but its a SMS contest. Just like Akademi Fantasia, where someone who sings like Mawi also can win lah.. I don't see people hating Mawi so much because he have a huge fan base that diverse SMS strategies to make him win. Come on, without Cindy the whole show would be such a bore!!!!

9. oh and Elaine daily mention about "don't blame us judges if you don't like the winner" is such a giveaway already. And i think its uncalled for. She should just be professional about it and mention the winner is based purely on SMS and Malaysia have voted (like American Idol)

10. Umm.....and i think that the reasons shorter candidates still went for the audition because the promo showed Sazzy Falak- a patite person. it automatically generates the expectation as such....the girl should be someone like Sazzy....

OK....10 is enough.....i'd add more if i can think of more...........
Perhaps they can improve on these points next season.
The editing was kinda bad in the first few episodes but they improved towards the later episodes.

All in all, for REAL models in the real world, i would think that Hanis, Jay and Adeline can make it. Adeline gives a great walk in my opinion. She just need to smile more often because she's got a great smile. When i look at Hanis and Jay, i see models already. They just need to work on some varieties.


KY said...

I agreed with most of your points, but saying Adeline can walk... is that a joke? lol

Fashionasia said...

ky: hu meh? i tot she had nice poses and runway walk wat...maybe gotto learn not to push out her head like a duck a bit la.