Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tsuya Tsuya

Wow....haven't blogged for days....that shows how busy i am...
I just filed my income tax this morning. Woke up at 6am to do it since i figured the server will be faster and not jammed in the wee morning. But in my haste....i forgot to fill in the EPF deduction. Thus, i paid extra. Oh well, got to write a letter to ask for refund. Payment via Maybank2u was so easy! I think e-filing is great. They just need a bigger and powerful server to handle the increasing load.

OK......coming to the title today. Tsuya Tsuya.

Have you gals heard of this brand before??!!!
I haven't! The other day I had a date at 1Utama. And while i walked pass popular bookstore, there was a booth with some girls selling stuffs and also doing some leg massaging. I quickly breezed by but not without being caught by 1 of the girls who was sooooooooooooo pushy and persistent trying to sell me this block of nail buff. She practically begged me to let her buff my fingers. I reluctantly let her. And well, i liked that my nails instantly became shiny!! So i caved and bought this from her. RM12.80. hu hu.....she was so happy I'm buying that she hugged me!!!! Though when i tried to use it on my own, i can't achieve the shine that the girl did on my finger!! I need to figure out how to work this buff thingie.

Anyway, I came home and checked out this brand. They have a website
Apparently it is started by a Malaysian lady from Penang. Now they supply beauty tools to various saloons. The girls were even trying to get me to buy the Mascara. I quickly walked off because i was late for my date. :)
I asked if they have a storefront, but the answer was no....they're doing roadshows across various shopping centres and they have a saloon. But i didn't ask the whereabouts of the saloon.
But the website is quite impressive.

[ps. Hey guys if u see $$$ at my labels means its a paid post. And all such titles will be tagged with square brackets. Tks!]


nonxtopic said...

hi.. just stumble upon ur blog while searching for stuff.. quite nice to see ur blog saying all these woman stuff.. see that u did some online shopping and i new to this stuff and would like to know how. Can you introduce me to some website that give out great discount on item such as handbag, shoes, clothes and such. thanks!

Anonymous said...

i bought this nail buffer n file too, same brand. but only used it once. coz i couldn't get the shine like tht girl did for me. so, bored me out and just chucked it if u have the tips to make nails shine like diamonds with the buffer, do share with us :P

Fashionasia said...

love2bug: hi dear!! if u are in Malaysia. You can go here
knock yourself out!

prettybeautiful: no kidding? you too??? I thought i was lousy at buffing the nails because i couldn't achieve the same shine as the girls did too!!!! it a scam or wat?? I really thought i didn't know how to use it properly.

Anonymous said...

it feels like a scam for me. those tht they demo on us is always better. but i observed the way they buffed it for me, it is nothing special. well, i guess it is the 'special tool' they use.