Friday, May 23, 2008

Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa

After a tip-off from Beetrice, I booked myself 2 rooms through the Internet because i know my family needed a break.
It was a great deal, The normal rack rate for the chalet was RM800. But now, they are having a special promotion for their 10th year anniversary and thus a special internet rate at RM188(188 because this is the price when they first launched), subjected to availability.

I manage to get 2 rooms, because it was non-peak period.

We stayed for 1 night only. Just a little family getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I did enjoy myself, but there were some hiccups that I wasn't very happy about.

But for one, I love their rooms!! It was extremely comfy and the one with the king size bed was huge! I'll show some pictures in a bit. We took 1 room with king size bed for me and hubby of course. And another room with twinbeds for my in laws....don't ask me why they prefer to sleep separately. kekeke...... The rooms were connected, which is great for family.

The rooms were totally up to par. They deserve the 5 stars they claim. Everything was provided, including toothbrush, loofah, shaver and cream....etc...
The room also come with a computer that is broadband ready. If you bring your own notebook, wireless connection is available too. This is a plus point to us! :)

However, almost midnight, the air conditioning at my in-laws room stopped functioning and it was hot. A quick call to the maintenance sent some people over to try to fix the aircond but, they didn't manage to solve it. So, we were requested to change the room. Thus, in the middle of the night my in-laws had to be transfered to another room a little further. So much for joining rooms.

But one thing that kinda pisses me off is that the next morning, my in-laws received a rude call from the frontdesk....telling them that they are " NOT SUPPOSE TO CHECK IN TO THIS ROOM. " and asked them " who gave you the keys to this room? this room is reserved for someone....why are you in this room?"
OK....this totally pissed me off lah. I mean, come-on. How could we get hold of the key to the room if not given to us by your own staff?? Its not our fault that the air-cond broke down and we didn't asked to change room. Your guys ask us to change room what.... sheesshhhh...... how Rude!!

Then, we went for breakfast in the morning. No complains there....the breakfast was quite pleasing. Though i still find the breakfast at Renaissance was better.

Oh ya, another thing is that when my FIL decided to go for a swim in the morning, they were washing the pool!!! he just had a dip at the wadding pool. No chance to swim lo...... they should wash the pool at night lo when nobody is swimming.

Then we got back to our room by 10.30am. So i thought I can get some rest before we check-out at noon. Hai.......those guys came over to the room next door to fix the aircond (my in laws previous room). And they make a whole lot of noise lah.....cannot sleep!!!
Then 11something, someone just barged in to our room!!! then when he realized we were inside, he quickly went out and knock the door. Duh!!! aren't you suppose to knock before you come in?? apparently he was here to change the mini bar. was a beautiful place to stay, if it weren't for the hiccups, it would have been great getaway.

They are also having a contest whereby if you use your maybankcard to swipe, you'd stand a chance to win a beetle (the car). But its not a fair lucky draw have to be the highest spender to win. Bah......not really a fair contest. I'd rather make it a lucky draw so everybody have a fair chance to win.

Sorry no pics, i checked my camera which have nill pictures of the room alone!! and i thought i told the hubby to take some pictures of the room. Sigh.....he took video instead! and most pictures have us in i can't post them here. :) a non-blogger with camera.

The room looked something like this

i pinch the picture from Its the closest i can find of the room.

You can book the rooms over at The cyberview lodge official website.

Its a great deal.

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beetrice said...

Hey...thanks for the link! Glad you got a good deal out of it, but sorry to hear there were so many hiccups.

There was no such thing happening during my company offsite - I think must've been because all my 'gwailo' colleagues were there, and they would have seriously let the management have it if anything had gone wrong...

PS: I so agree with you - the rooms are totally GORGEOUS!