Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wedding Invitation Cards

I just received another wedding invitation card and its another one in RED.
I guess its an auspicious color.....I've never seen any invites in black before! *chuckles*...i suppose nobody wants to jinx their own wedding.

I was browsing through 1st Class Wedding Invitations and found their cards to be rather exquisite looking.......simple and nice. I've never been to a beach wedding before! If beach wedding is your theme......this site sure have a good selection of Beach Wedding Invitations that portrays the theme. Your invited guest will immediately be sent day dreaming envisioning your wedding at the beach!

I think ordering invitations online is so easy and sure saves alot of time, money and effort. I remember my wedding invites was DIY-ed a.k.a handmade.....and wow i ended up spending much more than getting them printed.

Even if you like handmade cards, 1st class wedding invitations have handmade looking ones too...

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Anna said...

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