Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fashion Schools

For the longest time ever in my life i've always wanted to study Fashion Design.
It is my desire to be able to design and manufacture my own line of clothings.
I wonder if this dream will still be achievable at my age...

Wouldn't it be great if during my those days that i know of fashion schools such as these
fashion schools in california? I would have jumped at the opportunity to study in California if i had known about fashion schools then. California has many fashion-focused areas, especially Hollywood with its influence on the film industry. If you are interested in learning in one of the leading fashion and trend-setting states, then you should consider California fashion schools.

I guess, it is probably too late for me to do that for my age.....and also family commitments. But for those who just got their SPM results, it is wise to choose something you are passionate about for your further studies. Otherwise, you might just regret your choice.

Apart from being a designer, a fashion graduate can also advance in their career as a Merchandiser. It is definitely a fun job because you get to travel a lot and shop for wonderful clothes...

Many department stores and boutiques offer entry-level 'buyer' positions that would be a good way to get involved with fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising offers many avenues to follow, including the following:
  • Assistant Merchandiser, Assistant Merchandise Stylist, or Customer Service Representative for a fashion manufacturer;
  • Assistant Sales Manager or Showroom Sales Representative in the fashion wholesaling business;
  • Department Manager, Assistant Buyer, Assistant Fashion Promotion/Special Events Coordinator, or Visual Merchandising Assistant for a fashion retailer;
  • Buying Office Assistant for a resident buying office;
  • Advertising Representative or Stylist for an advertising agency.

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