Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elianto Aqua Shadow

I recently bought an eyeshadow from elianto.
I did not intend to buy anything but the moment i saw it, i just fell in love with the color that i just have to get it.

Its called Aqua shadow, the color is aquamarine. A very rare color but bright and really gorgeous. Though i seldom put on eyeshadow, i still buy it because i love the uniqueness of the color. It is pretty easy to put on the shadow, but quite difficult to even out using the brush. I rather dab them on the eyes with the brush but even them out using my fingers. The texture of the color glides on easily. The color is bright but not too bright. It doesn't screams out even if you choose to use it for day.

I bought this at only RM15 from elianto counter. They have plenty other lovely colors to choose from too.


My Rantings said...

I was tempted to buy this range too but I didn't like the powder eyeshadow which was kinda rough to me..but their nail polishes are very lasting! :)

Maybe should give it a try! :)

Fashionasia said...

dQ: hehee...this is also my first time buying shadows frm elianto leh...notice the nail paint? thats the one i showcased previously #12 Milk Coffee. Nice or not? i like the nude color.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this one looks cute. Maybe it is time to pay Elianto a visit.

Fashionasia said...

wgtg: they have amazing stuffs at cheap prices. i love elianto... :)