Saturday, February 09, 2008

I plan to go on a holiday to the US

If i am to plan for a holiday this year. The targeted destination will definitely be the US.

I've only been to the US once when I was 8 years old. Though I still have bits and pieces of memories in my mind, i do wish I can go on another tour to the US. And this time, i would like to go to the East coast of America.

Places that i would love to visit would be Orlando!! Because it is named to be Theme park Capital of the word for a reason....Disneyland!!!! yes yes....i love disneyland though i've been to 2 before, i would love to visit disneyland again and this time with hubby'll be fun!! And since this year is the year of the Mickey Mouse....we should visit him at his house ma....right?!!

Of course, since the value of USD against MYR have drop significantly to about 3.2 now, I think it would be a great time to do some serious shopping over at New York!! where else!!

The hubby have uncles in Canada, so we are also planning to visit Canada too!! One of the must visit places in Canada to me must be the Niagara Falls! I've always wanted to visit the falls.......

I imagine the view would be so breathtaking.... I wonder how much would flights to Canada be.

I really hope we can make this holiday happen this year. Fingers crossed.

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