Monday, January 14, 2008

Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Part II: Love and Pride

Truth is, i just love their jewelry!!!
only did i later realize that Love&Pride are jewelry made and lesbians. hehe....
Ya, and they were showcased by the actresses in the famous Lesbian show called "The L word"
hehe...Malaysians may not know about this show cos.....we are "shield" from such so called "corruptions"kekekeek

but anyways, Since Valentines Day is in a month's time! You gays and lesbians who are cracking your head on what to get for your partner? Well, Love& Pride is definitely a good place to look.

Here are some lovely items:



This is a littleeee pricey cute lah....tiny sperms across the ring lei!
QF129 lazy to surf n cut n paste for you liao......
if you are interested, visit them at:

Good news is that they are having discounts from 20% up to 50%!

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