Saturday, January 19, 2008

Local Guy Marrying China Girls

At my current age....i'm seeing alot of weddings going on left right centre....especially exponentially these few years... I guess it is the "time" for my peers to get hitched. Late twenties is the norm these days....
However, something that sparked me to blog about this today is about Local guys marrying china girls..... I really am very curious about this situation because apart from reading about it in the papers with astounding numbers.....personally i have known of 3 handsome good men that have found love in china madens and have married them recently, and another one who just tied the knot last week.

The reason i find it amusing is because as far as i know, in Malaysia, there are MORE women than men. And on the other hand, there are more Men than Women in China (this is quite evident because those days, general population in china can only have 1 child per home, in which most of them would prefer a Boy to carry their lineage)

Having said that, I really dont understand why the immense number of Malaysian Men marrying these madens from China. Leaving the men in to speak. And women in Malaysia, men less! kekeeke..... Am i confusing you guys yet?

I wonder what is the reason that these handsome good men are attracted to these women from China rather than our local Malaysian women. Is it that generally they are more submissive in nature? Is it that they are easily contented materially unlike us whom are a demanding lot?
Perhaps these men are being look down upon by Malaysian women but had manage to gain much respect, honor and admiration from the ladies in china. Or perhaps these ladies from china are prettier, fairer, soft spoken...etc...... I can only guess.....


Darren said...

there has been wind that spore is even worse.. their men are marrying women frm everywhere, EXCEPT spore.

and taiwanese women, they are buying husbands from vietnam.

now why?

KittyCat said...

From what I've seen and heard, Chinese women dress up well and are more charming than Msian women =) They are more straightforward also i.e. just want a good life.

Anonymous said...

koolgeek: dats cos spore women is superwomen. they oni want to marry superman.

kittycat: true....ive seen them dress up really well and they take care of their appearance alot... :)