Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Adulterous Within

(neh...its not as bad as it sounds......but its a catchy title anyways! enjoy some juicy details...kekeke.)


He dropped me an which it ended up at the junk folder. I spotted a familiar name while cleaning up the junk folder...i wonder why because most of the time i just select all and delete them. But i manage to open the email...true enough, its from him. I didn't know why he emailed me out of the blue, but i was glad because he was a prominant figure in my life during my teen. After all, he was a very very fun erm...."admirer" to have. Of course being a social butterfly during my teen, i had some really fun experience of having the senior boys sending me flowers and such.... He was of my biggest fan.

To my surprise he is currently still very much single. And extremely successful at his young age!! A self made millionaire i must say. Well, catching up with him definitely brought back much memories of the past...the good ol days. I was 16. He was 19. I played hard to get of course. haha...

I can't help but to wonder "what if" know what i mean....but i reject all such thoughts and remind myself that I have found-and-married-"The One". I wonder why such suggestive thoughts came over me and the immenseness of it after he jokingly told me that he wish we were back in time...and that if i ever get bored i should look for him...whatever that means...I should just kick his @ass and say *toot* off....

I guess....such experiences happen to married people....and one must be extra careful and guard the heart with much care....and never to yield to stirring emotions.....

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