Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day after Christmas

Its kinda sad that christmas is over! so sooon.
Every year I waited eagerly for christmas to arrive. Sometimes in the middle of the year, we just feel like we want christmas to be around that we took out the christmas cd to play.....hehe...weirdo...

Well, actually its not so much about christmas that we like, i guess we love the soothing holiday feel thats associated with christmas...christmassy jingles that are so happy n cheery. And it feels great not to be so stressed and bogged down by work finally!! At the end of the year where everybody laze-out and just embrace the holiday.

Well, we'll be bidding farewell to 2007 soon. Time to look back and see how much have we accomplished this year? and then make a new resolution for 2008. I always do. Here's to a great year ahead!!


Jo said...

Hi FA, as cliche as it may sound, Christmas in in our hearts. We feel it when we feel it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. :)

Anonymous said...

hello hello... im ard... eheheh

Fashionasia said...

jomel: :) we all love christmasses dont we?!! have a happy new year u!

naddy: hey babes....where did u go lah!!! :) happy holiday shopping n happy new year to u too!!