Thursday, December 27, 2007


The other day while i was at putrajaya alamanda shopping after meeting up my clients...hehe...greatness of being a sales person is shopping freedom!! kekeke
I was over at Parkson fragrance counter.
I had wanted to look for my all time favourite CK Be.
The CK counter was having a give-away slingbag for CK One purchases....
It looked nice so i asked if i can get them if i bought CK Be instead?
But the sales person over at the counter gave me a shock with his answer.
He told me CK BE is DISCONTINUED!!
I wanted to cry!! I asked him are you sure??!!! he told me they ran out of CK be for a long time now and haven't received any replenishment....... i THINK he assumed that it is being discontinued...
Anyone knows if CK be IS discontinued or not???

Otherwise, Id probably grabe a dozen of them over at StrawberryNET Cosmetics
After looking at the contents of CK Be, i realized why i love the scent so much. Whitemusk and sandalwood as base and they have Magnolia spices in them!!! mMmmmmm..... Me likey...

Calvin Klein CK Be Eau De Toilette Spray

Calvin Klein CK Be Eau De Toilette Spray

Top notes: musky bergamot juniper berry and mandarin Middle notes: magnolia spices and peach Base notes: white musk and sandalwood

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