Monday, November 05, 2007

The thing about affiliate programs..

They don't work!!

Well, I'm probably generalizing, but in the spirit of testing things out, i signed up for several affiliate programs since about a year ago. I have,, text link ads, auction ads...etc..

I thought that perhaps by putting them on my site would generate some sort of lead/customers for them and in turn generate some dosh for myself.

But, sad to say....Affiliate bot as well as shareasale are a total let-down. The thing about them is that they only pay per purchase. In which if the visitors that went over from my site did not purchase anything, I wont get anything. But they still get FREE advertisement from my site! which is pretty annoying to me as I feel like i'm the one getting a bad deal here.

The only program that I can see some sort of income(albeit small figure) is Adsense, Nuffnang, advertlets(i think), Text-link ads.....and perhaps Payperpost(still trying)...and i also just realized that auctionads is generating some teeny weeny amount....

Thus, i would be altering some of the ads i'm placing around here.....its been here for way too long and by NOT producing me some fruits....that branch must be chopped off to make way for some other fruit yielding ads ya......but i might still keep some that looks pretty ha...untill something else prettier comes along!

[post re-edited: 10th nov 07]


Maxim said...

I'm completely agree with you. Adsense gives at least something. But the rest programs it's hard to even think about.

Sara said...

The things about affiliate programs is... you only get out what you put in!

Spend a few minutes copy & pasting ads into the sidebar and you're unlikely to make sales.

Spend hours trawling their web site to find something a reader said they're interested in, then take the time to write it up well and add great pics... then you make money! ;)

Fashionasia said...

maxim: ya...adsense is worth some pocket money....

sara:the thing it worth the couple of hours i cant afford...?!!....