Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Body Shop New Fabulous Mettalics Limited Edition

Lately I bought some new cosmetic items....and am most happy with my purchase from The Body Shop.

I just love love love this new eye-makeup I bought two out of 3! Bought the Green and the Gray metal one. I just love it!! Very easy to apply......nice dark n shimmery colour too!! i didn't get the bronze one cos i thought the color doesnt really compliment my skintone. :)
I'm just a little disappointed at the limited choice of colors.

Other than that, I also bought the precious Rouge lipstick.

OMG!! love love love the packaging......the color of the lippy is also very nice and feels nicely moisture throughout the day. I love the multi-facet-color of the casing.
The its not at all that expensive. I got a 10% off buying 3 items. :)

Happy happy!! I highly recommend them!! Go n get em gals!!! You wont be disappointed!


My Rantings said...

How do you apply the eye colour? Wah, you bought so many, can finish using kah? :D

Tine said...

Hmm looks good. How much is it?

Optimist said...

boy, i'm glad to see some things never change :)