Thursday, June 07, 2007

Work Update

Hi guys,
Have been working for couple of days now. By tomorrow will conclude my first week at the new company!!
Wow how time flies.
Well, the first day was boring as hell!!! I only got my notebook by 5.30pm!! hah! and we go off by 6pm. Imagine how i spent my 7 hrs (minus 1 hr briefing & orientation all that jazz).
Lucky we have a bookshop nearby, went and got myself a book to read. teehee...that was after i finished all the newspaper on the stack. SUFFER.....STRUGGLED to keep my eyes open.

Hows the new place?
So far so good.
Colleagues are nice.....but I've identified some ppl to be cautious off.
Boss smokes like a chimney.....which is BAD. I think he's a chain smoker. I'm allergic to smoke....
but when he asked me, do u mind?? i just said no.....:P haiyaa.....dont dare to offend time will bring up my allergy issue.

This week basically is very carefree for me.
Figuring out the working culture, adapting to it;
Look through the fileserver and read through the company profiles, Marcom activities, products and stuffs...
Next week will be packed with some training.
All is good.
Cheers!!! Will update during the weekend. :)

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Anonymous said...

so easy lidat i oso wanna work there!