Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cooling Cucumber Pads

SmallTalk :
Sorry gals, Update have been sparse.
Weekdays are getting more exciting & things are picking up at work. Am not complaining, i love the challenge. The boss finally assigned me some task. Boy i love the feeling of starting afresh.
Its a new start. Hopefully i will perform well and ace at my work.
Cant' wait to go for training to familliarize myself with the new products.

So...........before we start a new week tomorrow. Let me do a quick review on this cucumber pads that i bought from sasa.

These cucumber pads are really 'cool'!! note the pun.....
Basically if you lead a stressful life such as mine, your eyes tend to swell up and look puffy in the mornings. Either that, or you have dark circles that needs the help of a concealer.

I discovered these pads at sasa during one of the promotions sometime ago.
These pads are stored in a jar.
24 of them, all Fully moisturized.
I love the jar, it comes with a small little tweezer for you to pick up the pads with without using your fingers, which to me is very hygenic. Love that! These people are so thoughtful.

The brand is SkinLite. The price is RM17.90.
They work exactly like the real cucumber although i do feel that my eyes are more relaxed after using them. But I think it would work even better if you have them stored in the fridge.


Anonymous said...

Of course, you gonna ace in your work! I've full confidence in you. :)

I need those cucumber pads.. I've been looking like a panda for sometime now. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

used these before but not much difference

Wuching said...

cheaper to get real cucumber

Tine said...

I have the Elianto-equivalent. It's okay lar; I do like the fact that it comes with a mini tweezer too :p

Anyways, tagged ya ;)

Anonymous said...

What? it's only 17.90? sounds like a good deal. But, services in Sasa sucks. I had it once before. >>
Now I use those eye mask pad to soothe my eyes @@

piglet~ said...

is it really effective on u? I tend to have dark circles everytime when i sleep late at nite ='(

LX said...

It looks cucumber too. But honestly, I rather buy loads of cucumbers (real ones. hehe) using the RM17.90 cos can eat as fruit, make rojak, make nasi lemak and then put on eyes some more.