Friday, June 01, 2007


went a little crazy/over the top today n spend spend spend...
i guess shopping is tharepeutic for me....and i feel alot better after buying stuffs!!*giggles*
here's what i bought for the day:
  • 1 kerastase nutritive leave on (went to the saloon to have a haircut...must look primp & proper for my first day at work ma......)
  • 4 pair of earrings
  • Tommy hilfiger cropped capri
  • Calvin Klein short sleeve shirt
  • 1 cute baby-T
  • some food stuffs like honey....sambal.....chili paste....bak kut teh spice & herbs.....
  • 2 leggings. 1 black and 1 shimmery black one
  • 1 ruffled tube bra
  • 1 brand new notepad for the notes-taking on the new job...
err....i think thats about all....
"geng" or not ????
well, I have a reason to splurge........i need to ward off anxiety...:P

OMG......its almost 1am! I.MUST.GO.SLEEP.NOW!!
gotta wake-up early tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, girl! ;)

Wuching said...

buy me sumthing hor!

Moi said...

I'd be shopping like crazy too if I were you. It takes some of the stress away. But don't worry about starting your new job, it sounds like a fab job and you'll do great!