Monday, May 28, 2007

Transparent Gel Mascara

Have you girls ever heard of a Transparent mascara? Do you use it frequently?

I reckond that most have not heard of transparent mascara before.

Well, I happen to know of its existance while i was a college student and working at a giftshop in the evenings and on day-offs.
There was this lady who is a full-timer called stephanie. Stephanie was much more older than I was thus she never cease to amaze me with the stuffs she put on her face.

So one day, steph left the counter to me and told me that she needed to go buy something.
And she came back with this Mascara from TheBodyShop. And I was so intrigued that her mascara was.......transparent!! hmmm.....hey 10 yrs ago, the only colors available for mascara's are Black and Brown!!! So that was the first time i've seen or heard of a transparent mascara.

Seriously untill now, I havent the slightest idea what transparent gel mascara's are for!!
haha....but i did some googling and apparently, gel mascaras are for you to tame unruley lashes as well as eyebrows too. It sort of works like "hair gel". And apparently putting them before your colored mascaras is a standard best practice.

No doubt mascaras can do wonders to your eyes...but they are such a pain too. Especially towards the end of the day......therefore i really love the idea of a transparent one. So, i actually bought the only transparent mascara available in Sasa. Which is this one. The brand is Jordana (And No that is not my skin behind. It is my Estee lauder vanity case). I actually find it to be very usefull. No mess!! No Stress!! haha.....i just curl my lashes and then apply this transparent gel on....wait a little and curl again....
I truely recommend transparent mascara for a quick make-up dash cos it is totally fuss free.

  • Product: Transparent Gel Mascara
  • Brand : Jordana
  • Make : USA
  • Bought from : Sasa
  • Price: RM 16.06


Wuching said...

do u draw your eyes all black like panda eyes lidat?

My Rantings said...

Hey, I have one of those but I feel it's not so useful to me cos my lashes are pretty sparse. I need some colour to make them stand out. Think it's good for those with thick, long but straight lashes. :)

Moi said...

CoverGirl has one of these too, it was pretty useless for my lashes 'cause my lashes really need more than a coat of clear mascara. It is good for taming brows though.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this in market, but never used this before. I think my short lashes need not be tamed :( but I will get one from sasa and see how does it go with the usual mascara coating. all my hair glands are very active but not my lashes :(

pj said...

my fav is body shop's!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The transparent mascara was already in the market more than a decade ago. It works as the base coat for your lashes before you apply the color coat to create a fuller effect.

It works well for your eyebrows too.