Thursday, April 05, 2007

Get rid of blackheads with SkinLite

I've been using this for quite some time.
Skinlite from Korea.
Recently bought my 3rd and I love it.

Its actually a nose pore strip.

I got them from sasa at RM8.90 (sometimes with discount)
Inside the box they have 6 individual strips.
All you have to do is the wash your face clean.
Then wet your nose.
Place the strips on your nose.
Leave it for 10 minutes or so.
Peel it off!!! ouchhhh
does it hurt?? neh..........not at all.....
And the results are pretty amazing.


Jo said...

question: Does it make your skin peel?

Wuching said...

ewww....i've tried that before, so disgusting to see the blackheads got pulled out by the bandage!

Anonymous said...

jomel: ive been using it for sometime and peeling! makes the skin around the nose very soft n smoooooth.

wuching: disgusting...but good!! n it doesnt hurt as much as having a beautician squeezing them.

My Rantings said...

I must try one of these. Hate to squeeze out those ugly whiteheads! :P

chong y l said...

Off-topic, FA, can ah?

You came ouuch of nowhere after MIA or months after recieving an INVITE to May 19 DO:
and awe I heard was a "NO".

In Msia, they say that's Mighty Rude unless you have a GOoD ReASon! Penalty: Pay that RM30! (OR RM60 if thy Escort cometh a-long!:)

Any SB bodiguards ah?:(

MJ said...

Is it better than Biore's nose strip?

Anonymous said...

dancingqueen: u never tried b4?? try la...quite ok la...of cos the stubborn bits doesnt come off la...but overall its quite good.

desi: so which gathering r u inviting me to? the mamakstall wan or the buffetdinner wannn??

mj:I've seen the biore ones but havent tried it before. But i think skinlite has a bigger patch so coverage is better. :>


my shopping blog is up.

new stocks are updated every week (hopefully)...

jelly said...

hi, umm i have tried several blackhead strips but not this. I am quite obsessed with all the skincare products as well. Now i'm using a serum for white/blackheads, i think it really works. So, blackheads bother me less now. :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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