Monday, March 19, 2007

Estee Lauder - Sparkling Clean Purifying Exfoliator Mask

Review:: Estee Lauder Sparkling Clean Purifying Exfoliator Mask

Thanks to a Suan, The PR Manager of Estee Lauder came to know of my existance. Due to my being green-eyed over Suanie & Fireangel with all those free Estee Lauder stuffs & Beyond Paradise perfume giveaway....... I dropped a comment on Suanie's review and the next thing i know it, Jean dropped me an email to invite me as a product review panel of bloggers. OMG!! I was totally overwhelmed. If you are my regular reader, you'd know how much I am into Estee Lauder. I'm such an Estee Lauder advocate mainly because I totally believe in their products as I've experienced the difference and the result speaks for itself. So, a humble little blog as mine was given a chance to review a new product line due to release in April 2007. *yey!!*

(proof that i use Estee Lauder. oh..and these are not ALL yet....)

Estee Lauder believes that every skin type has its own cleansing needs therefore there are 3 new types of exfoliator for you to choose from:
1. Sparkling Clean Purifying Exfoliator Mask = For oily skin
(This time, Estee Lauder have been very innovative and came up with this brilliant idea of combining an exfoliator and a mask into a single tube!! Yes, 2-in-1, dual-purpose tube. However only "Sparkling Clean" is dual-purpose and serves as a Mask. The other two are just exfoliators.)

2. Perfectly Clean Fresh Balancing Exfoliator = Normal/Combination skin
3. Soft Clean Moisture Rich Exfoliator = dry skin

So Jean got me the Sparkling Clean Exfoliator Mask to review.
I tried them over the weekend. I find that it works well as a mask. Very cooling.
The exfoliator is rather gentle so it can be used daily. But personally i do not recommend daily exfoliation. It can be hard on the skin. Perhaps alternate days would be better.
The scent is mild although i find that I can distinctly smell the cucumber.
After applying it as a Mask, I find that my skin felt very smooth and suprisingly does not feel dry out. I have this problem with mask that sometimes after washing them off, I can feel dryness on my skin. But I do not have such experience with EL which is a real plus point.

Sparkling Clean Purifying Exfoliator Mask, Perfectly Clean Fresh Balancing Exfoliator and Soft Clean Moisture Rich Exfoliator will be available at all Estee Lauder counters from April 2007 and will retail for RM115.

Some Facts for your information:
Sparkling Clean Purifying Exfoliator Mask- Oily Skin
This invigorating dual-purpose exfoliator and mask is specifically designed for oilier skins concerned with excess sebum and shine. Formulated with Estee Lauder's state-of-the-art teachnology and ingredients, the fresh citrus-scented Sparkling Clean Purifying Exfoliator Mask leaves skin feeling refreshed,clarified and 'deep down' clean.

  • Kaolin Clay helps to absorb excess surface oil and unclog pores without stripping the skin of vital moisture. The appearance of pores is minimized; skin looks matte and feels revitalized.
  • Lemongrass,Cucumber and Lotus Flower provide benefits to help purify the skin.
  • Oil production is regulated thanks to Saw Palmetto Extract and Marine Algae Extract which deliver oil control benefits.
  • Microcrystalline Wax Beads, which are slightly larger granules, work to gently remove surface dirt and flakiness melting slowly with at skin temperature for better emoliency.
  • Smaller,softer,spherical beads of encapsulated Silicone/Dimethicone Beads dislodge pollution and impurities from the pores, bursting to release the skin conditioners.
Directions for use:
For everyday exfoliations, massage lightly onto clean damp skin, applying light pressure in small circular movements, avoiding the eye area. As a deep cleansing mask, smooth onto face using light preassure in small circular movements, leave on 5-8 minutes, before rinsing off. Use one time per week.

PS: Estee Lauder promotion. FYI.


PP said...

Wooh! lucky lucky gal! :)

Anonymous said...

These products look interesting...can't wait to try them.

suanie said...

Coolness! I think Jean contacted you herself; I meant to pass her your name, but I forgot, *sheepish*

been busy mahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

My Rantings said...

Guess what, my EL salesgirl just called me this morning and told me that the sale is on.

I bought the Night Repair, Future Perfect Lotion and the one you just reviewed. Got to try it out tonight!

Fashionasia said...

parisB: *looks to the sky* :>

beautybug: ya...i think it is pretty innovative..exfoliator mask...

suanie: hehe..thanks to your blog anyway.... :P

dancing queen: omg!! you will totally love the Night Repair!its my fav EL ever!!! did u buy the whitening one or non-whitening??!

LX said...

These are all luxury for me. I only get RM458.88 allowance every month. My rental takes up RM350, how much more to even survive? :(

My Rantings said...

I bought the whitening Night Repair. And I especially like the Future Perfect Lotion cos it doesn't make my face so oily by mid-day (it's supposed to be anti-wrinkle too!). The Resilience day moisturiser was just too oily for me.

babyviolette said...

Good choice of products to use and review. My mom is an EL devotee and uses it religiously. She gets constant compliments on how young she looks. But don't think they stock the Whitening range here in Aust. Somehow the toasted look is still very popular.