Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogger-Gmail problem

I have SOooooooooooooo many Gmail accounts sometimes I just cant keep count.
But most frequently I have like 3-4 Gmail accounts that i check on a regular basis.
1 for personal, another one for junks.....another one for office alternative.....and another is tied to this blog.

I love Gmail!!
but if there is ONE thing that i would complain about them is not being able to log-in to multiple accounts at the same time.
I'm a firefox user because I like the tab feature (although IE already have that too but im lazy to upgrade my IE)
I always have this problem of login into my personal email while using blogger...and then.....
the unexpected happen when i absent mindedly comment on those blogs where i was visiting....
horror of horrors!! my real name appears!!!!

Anyone of you experience the same??


Anonymous said...

YES!! THat was my biggest beef with gmail and blogger. They shouldn't link it all together coz they can't expect us to just have 1 account.

Darren said...

The problem is... they expect you to have only ONE account.

The solution is... have one account and one identity online.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Totally understood-ed wat u mean! :P


Wuching said...

1 for hubby, 1 for secret laber, 1 for the milkman, 1 for the gardener..

shawnchin said...

I oso use different gmail addresses for different stuff, but manage all from one account.

All mails from different accounts can be forwarded to one account. Use labels and filters to organise them so you know which mail came from where.

You can also send mails from different address thru the same account. Only drawback with this is that the address of the account you're logged in to will still appear in the email headers, visible when someone go and korek at the "view full headers". This won't be a problem if the account that you use as your "management" account is based on a username not traceable to you. Can kill two bird bird with one batu summore - if you forget to logout and leave comment in blog, your real name won't appear :p

Long story short:
1. create new account with anonymous name, say
2. forward all you gmail account emails to ANONYMOUSE.
3. in ANONYMOUSE account, create labels for each of your emails, and filter them based on the "to:" field.
4. configure a "send mail as" entry for all your emails under Settings>Accounts. Make sure you select the "Reply from the same address the message was sent to" option
5. DONE. you can now login to ANONYMOUSE_123 to read/send/reply to emails from all your secret accounts.

Sounds like a lot of work (it is), but once you have it up and running, rest of your life senang liao. heheh..

p.s. can use to manage email accounts other than gmail oso, as long as it supports auto-forwarding or POP.

shawnchin said...

"One Account to rule them all, One Account to find them.
One Account to bring them all and with some configuration bind them!"

heheh.. sorry, couldn't resist :p

Fashionasia said...

haha..I believe alot of people have this problem huh!!!

Thanks shawn for the solution...but phew....looks lengthy!!! but i guess its worth a try. I'm sure my readers will appreciate it!!!

My Rantings said...

My dear, you asked for my email add? It's in my comment box. :-)