Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Shoe & Pants too!!

I took a day off today.... ah...finally some time to sleep. housework is piling up, my room looks like a tsunami after-effect.... hubby's been extremely busy......going away next week again......sigh....

Remember my interview last week?? Well, the lady boss commented that i may be a little too soft spoken for a job like sales... huh?? But i've been in this line for
the past 5 yrs!!!! Well, probably wont get that job lah ....... Anyway, of course we "behave" ourselves during interviews and talk nicely n all wat......

Oh ya......the thing is.....that day itself I got another call for Interview.
Today I have another call for Interview. So next week i'll be having interviews both monday and tuesday! to be a housewife like this??! And i did not even apply for those jobs..... I have employer request from Jobstreet as well as being head hunted.

I think its my age. I'm finally old enough to be "seasoned" for work and i guess that is what people are looking for outthere....."you know....those jobs that require at least MORE than 5 Years working experience". And Here am I.
Should I consider this as a new phase in life??


Oh ya......last week i went shopping with Mum while i sent my car for the much needed servicing. And she bought me this shoe. I also bought a pair of aladdin pants!! The details are sooo lovely.


Mumsgather said...

Hahaha. Good wut to be in such popular demand. What for you wanna be housewife for. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi my friend,

I've been reading ur updates.. just no time to comment until today.. terribly buzy at work.

Glad to know you're doing well.

Love the pants. :p

Take care & hugs. :)

Arena Green said...

I love the colour of the pants too! Great taste Ms Fashion :-)

Anonymous said...

Sweet shoes but where did you get the pants? Think it'll be good for bellydancing - would love it if you could let me know. Thanks!!!

chong y l said...

came hear from AM -- just/jest to say I have been a recalcitrant visitor -- off-TOPIK, Join the May 19 biggest bloggers DO-do in Subang Jaya, with a lake view-C!

Fashionasia said...

MG: bcause i want to be like you!! full-time SAHM!!!

jemima : good to hear frm you!I've been around too!! ;> hope all is well!

AM: fits like a glove!!! love it too....but i cant figure out what to wear it with!

anon: thanks for your kind comments. Will drop by!!

lena: ooolalaa...u belly dance ya??
the pants i got it frm 1 little shop in Selayang capitol. err..dun ask me which bcos it was my first time there and i almost got lost...
but if it helps....its the only shop selling 3 bottoms for RM60!! so cheap!! :>

desi: thanks for dropping its another together-gather party??
have fun!! i know u already met your ipoh sweetheart!! kekeekeke

Arena Green said...

I'd wear the pants with a spaghetti white top to really show off the beautiful colour. And pair it with some sexy heels!

Anonymous said...

Time to fantasise a holiday, Ms. FA! :) Just tagged you :)

Anonymous said...

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