Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Today is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.
Finally have a chance to breathe........but sadly I'm going back to work 2morrow already!
This year's CNY is kinda like a double joy for me as my only sibling had got married.
I felt my parents became 10yrs younger instantly!!!! haha.....i guess the big burden have been lifted after getting rid of us. :> Well, time for 2nd honeymoon now you two.

I really didn't have much opportunity to shop for clothes this round. But i did drop by and got myself a pleated skirt, a babydoll top, a brown top and a brown sandals with gold seams. I am sorta into earthy tones lately.
I actually parked illegally infront of the shop bcos there was no way i can find any place to park there!!! I didn't even try on the clothes that i bought. Turn out that the babydoll top was slightly tight at the bust area. :P

One thing i wasnt quite satisfied was there wasn't any sales going so i bought thoes stuffs at face value. Which kinda sucks....i never buy ANYTHING without discounts. hehe.....but at least the babydoll top was value buy item.

OKie.......Thats some brief update for you.
Happy Chinese New Year! Gong xi Gong xi!!
Xin Nian Kuai Le!!


Anonymous said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Time to have little oinks oinks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Kung Hei Fatt Choy! Got angpow for me arr? :D

Wuching said...

a bit tight at the bust? isn't that a good thing? xin nien kuay loh!

Fashionasia said...

jemima: will do will do!! gongxi2u too!!

angel: kekeke.....i maybank2u lah u wanttt

wuching: er....can say is good news to hubby rite?? kekekek

Anonymous said...

Gong xi to you, FA. I'm also into earthy brown tops, or rather Raine is, I've been borrowing her tops, hehe. I only got 1 new top, no time to shop, so have to borrow *shame on me*

chong y l said...

Gong xi, Gong xi, FA
Excuse for ghoin' MIA
We sometimes do that for serendipity
We need to find ourselves, find inner self and celebrate sanity
Of course, now Year of Fireball
Coming "home" to pig's farrm is my call:)

Moi said...

Happy New year, dear!