Monday, January 29, 2007

From the frying pan into the fire

[warning: rambling ahead. Need not read if you're looking for beauty writes]

The ex-big boss no.1 used to be a pain in the arse.........thus i was naturally happy when he abruptedly stepped down.
Though around the same time, I was offered a job from a rather prestigious company to lead the sales team. I have decided to let it go because I anticipated a better year as my current superior approved to hiring 2 juniors for me and we had this whole business plan all drawn-up and geared towards for the year.

And then came the new big boss No.1

Innitially he was really friendly and hardworking. I thought. Wow.....what a dynamic new boss. Really good.
And then........after a couple of weeks around, things changed.
My 2 juniors never came.
Hiring was frozen.
Business plan scratched.
And today.......I really dont know what am I suppose to sell anymore. The direction is sooooo unclear it makes me feel crappy.

I hate it when new cow come in and act like they know so much when talking to those who's been through thick n thin with the company.
Especially some of our seniors............1 by 1 left..... because they couldnt take it anymore. Immagine being with the company for 10over years and then some guy for 1 month and trying to tell u off and shoving u around? ya.........very hurtful.

I dunno about them but i'm not resistant to change but I thought that new comers should always take 2 step forward and take a step back, because it doesnt help in people management when you bull-doze your way through.
Many ideas he thought of, we've been there and done that....its just that he may not know the history of the company well enough.

gosh im really sad. Everytime im sad, i just log into my jobstreet account and clicking my way through the job posting........sad case


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this, work drama is not fun at all. Is it possible for you to talk to him and get a straight answer about the hiring delay or freeze. If he refuses to give you any information or just gives your corporate-speak, then you can start looking in earnest.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Am going through something similar too. Company having lotsa restructuring, going through many changes they are analyzing and scrutinizing everyone’s role. Worse is that if you company is having financial prob. Is yours? That makes it even more drama and creates lotsa tension around. I hate it... oh wells..

Wuching said...

aiya, dun be sad la..i take u kai kai!

Anonymous said...


Moi said...

This guy should go back to management school! Well, dear, You are a smart woman, things will get better. :)

Anonymous said...

that seems to be the cycle in a job, sucks! on the other hand, you dont have to take it, right?