Wednesday, January 24, 2007

5 things you didn't know about me

My favourite and most stylish ah moi tagged me this. Cannot escape lah....since its only 5.... I can manage. Here goes......

1. I used to be pretty popular back in schooldays...very much a social butterfly....but i grew tired of being popular i just wanted to be a plain Jane and so i did my best to stay out of ANY activity at all during college years.....yup....even took-up the geekiest course....yes u've guessed IT.

2. I once experienced being wooed by a lesbian. It was kinda scary. Got to know her during a mutual friend's birthday and there-after she started calling me and asking for my pictures and asking me out n stuffs........Finally I had to get the mutual friend to settle the issue and havent heard of her since.

3. I am gaga over Gilmore Girls. I just absolutely ADORE Alexis Bledel....Not the best actress but I just love her.

4. I love cats. But i hate dogs. I miss my last pet. He was a white kitty with blue eyes. I also hate monkeys and I secretly am afraid that they are capable of going amok and act all beastly and rape me or something.........

5. I married my first boyfriend.

Now there...
I've done it.


Anonymous said...

1.Not all IT ppl are geeks. :p

2.Being wooed by a lesbian isn't as bad as being branded one. Trust me. :(

3.I love GG, too. You should try watching Beautiful People. You'll love it, too. Now, I'm hooked on Grey's Anatomy.

4.I love dogs. :p

5.I'm still single & available.. hehe

Thanx for sharing, FA.
Now, I know more about you. :p

Wuching said...

could u elaborate on #2 again please..

Anonymous said...

How could you not love dogs? I don't like cat. How opposite.

Moi said...

OMG, we have so much in common! I did computer science in university. I'm a big fan of Gilmore Girls too! And I LOVE cats. After my last cat died over 13 years ago, I couldn't get over the heartbreak, I never got another one.

Anonymous said...

Awww... so sweet.

The last sentence just caught my off-guarded.

Just realized I could never use that liner, "I married my first bf."


Cheryl said...

Branded a lesbian? What is this? The Salem Witch Hunts? I’m just saying, the way you (Fashionasia and Jemima) have put it makes it seem as if being lesbian is a bad thing. I know you probably won’t care (or think that I’m being politically correct) but you’re much too old to be making such juvenile comments.

Fashionasia said...

get a life young girl.
I dont see what i said has any tone of insult to lesbian or otherwise. I have lesbian friends and we still go out for dinners.
Replace the word "Lesbian" with "a guy" or "a dog" or watever u please. Do i sound insulting at all to them? sheesh....
its just a personal experience. sheeeshh..