Friday, December 15, 2006

Part Deux: Pos Malaysia Sux (continue from previous post)

"oh yes wait-a-minute mister postman...wai-ai-ai-aiittt mister postman..."

ah.....this song keeps coming to mind whenever I think about my snailmail woos....
oh yes, apparently the story doesn't end at my complaint.

Today the post office manager I suppose, gave me a call and had a pretty long chat with me...
he added much to my already stressful mind.
After a long talk, his intention is to make me retract back my complaint.
Yes, "Tarik Balik" is the word he used.
I was like........wat the duck man.......... I did not make any mistake why should I retract my complaint?? Can't you just close the case as long as the postman promises to deliver my mails to me?
Nooooooooooo........apparently, Pos Malaysia doesnt work this way (so according to him la). If I do not "tarik balik" my complaint, Mr.Manager will have to give an explaination to the KL HQ. Then usually the Mr.Postman will kena. And I asked him what is the consequences. Well, Mr.Postman may get some penalty like getting lesser bonus or incentives something like a pay cut.

Now, my heart is very the soft like my boobs like that........oh no much softer actually .....even my boobs are firmer than my heart........ Ok I've digress......cut back to the story........I tak sampai hati to see ppl with already small pay get a paycut was never my intention to kenakan Mr.Postman, i just want them to be more careful the next time. But If i dont want him to kena, I have to write a letter retracting my complaint. But I dont want to do that because it will look as if i am in the wrong!!!!! If I dont retract, Mr.Postman will kena!!

Aiyohh!!! Headache wei I tell you!!!
I dont know what to do.
1. I lodge a legitimate complaint
2. I did no wrong, why should I retract my complaint
3. I am ok to close the case as long as Mr.Postman be more careful next time. But this cannot do.
4. I can only have 2 choice. a. Retract my complaint b.carry on and Mr.Postman kena paycut
5. I dont want Mr.Postman to get paycut because I have no idea what is Mr.Postman background.
8. Mr.Postman CAN GET UPSET and DO NASTY THINGS for all I know = DANGEROUS
9. looks like I have no choice but to retract my complaint isnt it?
10. hmmm......what to do??? I have till monday to decide. I think I'm going to call HQ direct and make POS Malaysia deal with this issue properly instead of brutal ways like this.

I've always liked the Mr.Postman song until today. ME DONT LIKEY THE SONG NOMORE. :(

Anybody knows any solution?


Wuching said...

i think its safer to retract ur complaint then mr. posman won't do nasty things if he's capable of it & i'm sure he's learnt his lesson by now not to slack off again on his work..give him a 2nd chance & if the problem persist then u'll have no choice but to take it further.

Fashionasia said...

wuching: yalo...i think thats the only solution...i duwan no trouble man....

ARGGGH!!!! I wanna pull my hair out. Really menyesal I complaint. Giving me extra problems only. Mr.Postman EVERYDAY come to my house and harrass my FIL. Beggginggg him to tell me to call HQ and retract my complaint because Mr.Postman could be sacked. Common la POS Malaysia. if Mr.Postman have worked for 2 years and this is the first complaint. Cannot be straight away pay cut or sack wan right?!!!At most is give WARNING letter only wat!! Really making me even more angry than I already am. Not helping when FIL keep onnnnnnnnnnnnn coming to me and ask me.....have to call them ah....tell them u dont intend to blabalblalaa........UGHHHHHH!!! as If I am an evil evil witch like that. sigh....

Anonymous said...

I think there was a game call Postman or something where the postman goes on a killing spree. If you're afraid of that, its safer to retract. Perhaps Wuching's way is the best way.

moz monster said...

I would probably ask the manager to then write me a letter explaining the reasons for lateness as a condition of retracting the complaint. I'll make sure I receive the letter first before I retract the complaint.

That way, we sort of get some action, but don't have to complaint.

Something has to be done about missing or returned mails ... you shouldn't just let this get covered up - how are things going to improve otherwise?

The other way to do this is to write about your predictament to the papers. I'm sure there are people in Pos Malaysia who would be reading the papers for complaints against them.

Kakti_Alifaisya said...

I agree with moz monster. Your complain is the check and balance that the Pos Malaysia needed to better their service to the public. One of the postman who sent letter to my office is also irresponsible. He just left the letter any where outside my office. However one of them is good, he went inside my office to give it to the clerk that sit just in front of the office door.
The complain also will weed out the bad one.:)

Anonymous said...

why retract?? =( i want to make a complaint too, cos apparently i have mails which never arrived as well. this is soo sickening!!

how you gonna get another google cheque if you don't complain? they might just keep the 2nd one too...

Anonymous said...

did u see the news in The Star today?