Friday, December 15, 2006

Am I making a big fuss?

I've had it with my missing mails!!!!

And so I called Pos Malaysia customer service to make a complaint.
Actually, it wasnt a real complaint, I just wanted to get to the bottom of know, i never ruled out possibilities of perhaps the sender writing the wrong address and all that....
But I just had enough of this nonsense...Common, Ive just moved here like for a year and how many physical mails would I have lah?? Like.....1 in a few months??? hey i'm a techie, I email gazillians of email per day. Pos is only for cheques or membership cards, magazines and stuffs like that.

So, the first time i realized my mail gone astray was when I did not receive my first Google cheque. Therefore after like a couple of months waiting, I had to contact google and get them to cancel the cheque and post another one.

Fine, that was the first time.

Then second time when I was "persuaded" to join membership for 1 of the butique and my card was supposed to be posted to me but I did not receive it. Then the girl from the shop called me telling me that my card have been returned to sender. Kononnya I "Telah Pindah" and so I had to go to the shop to physically collect it.

Hmmmmmmmm!! Now that was really weird. 1 cheque gone missing. 1 returned to sender.

So nevermind, I was still patient, untill last week when my good advertiser contacted me to inform me that my cheque that was physically mailed to me have been returned to sender with the reason that I have moved!!! "Telah Pindah!" again?!??!?!!

Now I already beh song cannot tahan already. How come so inconvenient and it has to be important mails that never reaches me? So I lodge the report yesterday.

Today the posman came to my house and talked to my in-laws asking lotsa questions, and begging them to tell me Not to complain to the company because he will kena. He sounded like he is in big trouble like that.
Seriously, I did not know that my complaint will jeopardize his work because that was never my intention. I just want to know why are they saying that I have moved for 3 times!!! I mean, that can't be coincidental or accidental right......

All I want is my mails to reach me. Is that too much to ask for?? Now the posman is making me feel guilty for putting his work at stake. I never ment for that to happen. I just hope I'm not making a big fuss.


Wuching said...

the posman lazy lah..stealing ur mails summore! hantam him kau kau!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia memang Boleh!

My family has a post office box addy 'cos likewise some mails never reach us at our home addy.

PP said...

You are entitled to make a fuss. Its your mail and stealing mail is an offence. The postman must have something to hide or he wouldn't be coming to ask you not to complain! My view - don't let up. If he was doing his job right, there would be no threat to him!

Anonymous said...


You are sooooooo entitled to. I also felt damn geram when I was reading your post! (no pun intended :P)

I would blow my top too if it was me. I won't even bother abt the postman's predicament because, hello, you know you're not doing your job right, so I must suffer for it??? Google cheques you know! Hahaha!

I can't stand inefficiency services. Really cannot. So, blow away babe! Blow a big one!

(Psst... I can complain for you if you want. I damn terror one :P)

fishtail said...

You have just opened a can of worms for your postman! He didn't really steal your cheques cos he wouldn't benefit from them, but he was too darn lazy to come to your house, so he just place your mails (and that of your neighbors) somewhere (probably his storeroom) and hope people don't complain! Now he puchat liao.

Anonymous said...

Interesting....he had to physically write on the envelope return to sender for it to return to sender..he couldn't write it for all the mail on his route..something tak kena here but he didn't throw it away or hide it in some yr hse very isolated or something like that? Coz it doesnt make sense.

I beg to differ from wuching. This is an ethical n humanistic decision u have to make. He probably has a family to feed somewhere. Are you willing to forgive him or do you want to punish him? After all he has already come to your house and it won't happen again. There might be mouths to feed, rental to pay etc etc and the new school season is abt to begin with all the relevant expenditure :)
Its your call.