Friday, December 29, 2006

My New Year Resolution 2007

Wow.....This year did not started off very well for me but it ended somewhat to my advantage.
I must say that 2006 wasn't great, but it was good. I look at it as a picking-up point for me in my career. So much has happened within the year that got me very very confused, but I'm putting things together now. I am truely happy that the year is coming to a closure as I see 2007 as a much better year for me. Looking forward to start anew and afresh.
I wish all of you the same and a good year ahead!

The conclude this year, I'd like to make a new year resolution to set some goals to achieve for the coming year:
  • Get rid of the lazy bug and procrastinator in me
  • Grow my hair as long as it used to be (3 inches more!! yey!)
  • Be more dynamic and enthusiastic in my work....seem to have lost that over the years
  • Learn Golf (anybody wanna teach me?)
  • Lose 5kg
  • Have a baby :>
  • erm.......thats all for now. I think my goals are quite realistic and achievable.


Over n Out,



Anonymous said...

If you need help with the second last resolution, give me a holla! LOL. Just kidding! Stumbled upon your blog thru Jemima. Happy New Year! :-)

nyonyapenang said...

hope you achieve all that you set out to do and more.

Anonymous said...

In 2007, remember… life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably & don’t regret anything that made you smile.


Anonymous said...

Gallivanter: Mr Fashionasia won't be too impressed by your comment la.

FA, forgive Gallivanter for his wise crack. Truth is he's actually a very nice person. ;)

chong y l said...


having a babe eh?
That's apt and the reason why I wish tee a Progressive Nu(d)e Year!:)

PS: Have you been neglecting your PR mAnAgAr role becos of thAt?

Fashionasia said...

gallivanter: ah....welcome!welcome! first time seeing u around! dont we all love Jemima :>

nyonya: and "more" eh?? love the attitude!! Maybe i'll get twins!!

jemima: no worries bout gallivanter, he is very much welcome here....i luv jokers...:> im sure he is least he offers to help.. ;>

desi: desi!! long time no see...where have thou been my favourite poet?? sorry been MIA frm ur blog...too much politikus to handle for the best for u in 2007!

Anonymous said...

2007 is a great year to have a baby, it's the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac and superstition has it that it's the best year for births.

Anonymous said...

Definitly have a baby! I am having my second in the next 4-6 weeks. Have a boy with a girl on the way. It will change your life (but you will have to scratch out the "lose 5kg" resolution!!!)