Sunday, December 17, 2006

I need to start my christmas shopping soon.........

Oh deary me, Christmas is only a week away!!!
That means its only 2 more week to go till 2007.
Which reminds me, I haven't done any christmas shopping yet. Probably will go shopping tonight....worst come to worst everybody gets chocolates this year. heh.......blame it on the lazy bug. :>

Anyway, I love Sephora, they have the cutest stuffs.....great gift ideas too.
Below are some that I wouldnt mind recieving as christmas presents. :>

Sephora pink mini brush set. $16

Hard Candy Keepsake Heart Lip gloss compact, $18

Sephora Indulgences, Pink grapefruit body smoother, $15

Apart from those, I also thought that this

Lancome Juicy Tubes bracelet makes a great gift too!

for those who are eager to try Benefit cosmetics should really consider this

Yes!! Its called the "Best of benefit"!
which is really a combination of their best sellers which consist of:
  • benetint- rosey sheer lip & cheek tint
  • dandelion- 'perk-me-up' pink powder
  • badgal lash- mascara that is like a set of false eyelashes
Its available in Malaysia too!! I think selling for about RM290/set.


Anonymous said...

I did all my X'mas shopping in Melbourne.
I need your post addy to mail you your pressie. Can you please email it to me? ;)

Thanks & HUGS!

PP said...

cute choices! Though I think the Benefit set is overpriced here :(

Wuching said...

dun forget my present!

Fashionasia said...

Jemima: hey you havent given me yours !! :> I made a pair of earrings especially for u.

parisB: ya!! it is a great set but the Malaysian price is outrageous. Online they're selling at $40 only!

wuching: about a thong?? kekeke

paupau said...

that's some cool stuffs!
Does Sephora deliver to Malaysia?

Jo said...

and mine!! LOL! I have not done my Xmas shopping yet. See? worse than you!