Monday, November 06, 2006

Beading is an expensive hobby

Beading is indeed an expensive hobby. If you see those stalls selling earrings at RM10 for 4.... Don't have to think twice about it.....just buy lahhh.....of course the materials that they use are mostly plastic and doesnt cost much, but the effort making them are worth RM10 enough to me.

Seriously beading is an expensive hobby.
Just recently I noticed a new bead shop open at 1U called beadbox. I wasnt sure if it is the same one that used to be over at the old wing, but now this new shop is at the new wing. Since I needed some findings, I thought I'd drop by and buy 1 or 2 items.

In the end here is my selection.

And guess how much it cost me??

RM 75!!!!!
WOW....I can buy a set of jewelry from Denni or Kenji already.......and the loot i got? cant even make 1 single set loh!!


Anonymous said...

Wah, you go in there ah, be prepared to pay through your nose. I dare not step inside lah in case I suddenly set off the cash register!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

wow! but you'll have at least 1 accessory that no one else in the world will have so I guess RM75 is worth it :)

Anonymous said...

beadbox is expensive lah... couldn't find any cheap/reasonable price shop selling beads in kl....

Anonymous said...

cant see the design clearly with the reflected lights. I was browsing Tesco the other day and saw a beading kit costing aprox. RM40 (after conversion) .will upload the photo for u when i decide to buy it ;)

Get well soon!

My Rantings said...

I was contemplating beading too after buying a few bracelets but never knew they were so expensive.

Do check out the crystal bracelet I bought! Guess I'd just settle for ready made ones.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree totally. I know cheaper places to get beads but I'm to lazy/busy to travel all the way to Chinatown. So I end up buying super expensive stuff inthe shops near my office. Most times, it's cheaper to buy ready made than to make, but it's the joy of making something I can wear or give away that makes me continue to spend and spend on beads :P

Murni said...

hey there. glad to see there are other malaysians out there who love to bead and make jewelry.hope to see the finished product soon ;)