Saturday, September 02, 2006

XOXO- 2 tops and a skinny crop pants

from XOXO website

Some of you might be wondering what did Ms.Fashionasia buy from XOXO??
What are the 3 items?

I'm not taking pictures because i'm gonna be wearing the pants today and won't want to risk being usual playing annonymous is not made me feel almost like a super-hero or clark kent...teehee..

Anyway, the 3 items consist of 1 crop pants, 1 sleeveless top and 1 cap-sleeve top.

The skinny crop pants are similar the that of the above picture in black velvet. Fits me like a glove and best of all doesnt make my butt look big! hah...

The cap sleeve looks similar to this below....but with tie-o-ribbon criss-cross at the back....really cute!

And the last is a plain sleeveless top in blue...with a huge ass XOXO.
(sorry cant find a suitable picture)

Did i mention i'm so gonna buy their bags?? I just love these ones below that i found on their website is just gorgeous.....and I held myself frm buying their lovely sandals at RM70 too....a tad expensive that one.

hugs&kisses!!! I like!!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice crop pants. I'm impressed. :p

Btw, my weight has been up & down like a yo-yo. Lately, it's been down & all my pants inc. jeans are loose. Just wondering if you have any suggestions of how to tie a scarf as a belt.
I just want a change instead of wearing belts all the time.

Maybe if you have time, you can post on it. No hurry. ;)

Thanks very much & hugs. :p

Anonymous said...

Haven't been to the XOXO boutique here but I used to look at their stuff online. You got some cute stuff! :) Let us know how you like the bags when you get them

cheesie said...

Eh cute bags wei!

*runs to XOXO*

Fashionasia said...

oh my cheesy! :>
the website bags looks nicer than the ones i see at the xoxo store here....but hope they bring them in la ya!