Monday, September 04, 2006

One for the monday blues

I think I'm a dreamer.
No not the dreams of events that plays in your mind when you're sleeping. Not that type.
Dreams I mean are aspirations, desires.....accomplishments..
.in that sense.
Everyone is entitled to dream....sometimes it is good as it helps one set a goal in life and working towards a goal is better than living life day-in-day-out just like every other day.
But sometimes, dreams kills you.....
It kills you when you know that THAT DREAM of yours will never materialize. It kills you when you have dreams that are too far fetch and you want to curse yourself for being so silly to desire such things.......

Below are some of my dreams that I see no way it will happen in my lifetime....but hey....
I have a dream....a song to sing....lalala:

I dream of Studying Fashion Design in Marangoni Institute,Milan
I dream of enrolling myself in La Cordon bleu and study Gastronomy
I dream of getting an MBA and study abroad for 2 years
I dream of migrating somewhere, anywhere where there are 4 seasons
I dream of being a News Reader and a face of TV3
I dream of having my face on a billboard advertisement....a huge one at that
I dream of having my own butique and travel overseas once a month to source for merchandize
I dream of marrying into Royalty and have Princess and Prince precede my kids names
I dream of marrying a gazillionaire and he would chart a plane to Paris just to bring me for dinner (OK this DREAM i'm certain EVERY female on earth also have so don't look at me like that!!)

haha.......okok...enough dreams for today.

Dream dream dream....when I feel Blueee......

Signing off,

dreamy monday fashionasia


Anonymous said...

The way you wrote this reminds me of a very old song which my dad likes to listen to: "To dream the impossible dream.." 'Impossible Dream' theme song from the old movie 'The Man of La Mancha'..He even got the dvd. hehe

Anyway, I'm a dreamer, too.
Regardless of whether they come true or not, I know that our dreams keeps us alive.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, Abba...

yeah, i've got lots of dreams that will probably not materialize too... :(

i guess that's life for ya...

fishtail said...

Dream No 4 isn't so far fetched: once you become a well sought after designer, you can choose the country to go to. Dream No 6 isn't too far off either: if Amber Chia can do it, so can you!

chong y l said...

i daydream -- of a nightmare.

but some 'nightmare is good -- tell you one later when I wake up!