Thursday, September 07, 2006

Loose Weight-- Easier said than done

Diet Day 1
Breakfast: 1 pack of chicken twist cambell soup + myVito Wheat crackers
Lunch: GUILTY GUILTY!! ate lotsa meat. Bak kut teh + 1 bowl of rice
Tea: 1 cup of coffee + munch on dried mango slices
Dinner: felt guilty over lunch and decided to forgo dinner... Made a cup of campbell's chicken soup and ate 2 slices of honeydew.

Easer said than done.
Dieting is really not easy. It would be much easier when there is a motivation factor....but i guess striving to look as good as Jessica alba is motivation enough eh?

Last year I manage to loose approx 5Kg before my wedding...i guess to look good on THE DAY is the greatest motivation....I've heard that 99% women will loose weight before their wedding day....I suppose its true. It is the ultimate look-your-best day anyway.

I must thank Kenny Sia for giving me the idea to loose weight by doing a detox diet prior to my wedding date......Kenny did a post on detox diet and i was totally motivated to take the challenge. Of course I did not post silly restrictions to myself as looking good is one thing but to be FIT and not weak or faint during the wedding day is even more important! Therefore i went on a 3 day detox inspired by Kenny's post. I restricted myself from eating meat nor carb but only greens for 3 whole day. Of course i cheated when my ceasors salad came with bacon...yumm :) hehe

Amazingly the diet work rather well....... of course I did not see significant improvement immediately, only lost about 1kg or so in 3 days. However, when i resume back eating normal, i find that my intake had reduced and i cant take in as much as i can before....which is good as I was able to reduce food intake later on.

But doing detox, you must be really careful with the plan. You must give yourself a break at that you must eat normally after the 3 days!!! This is so that before you go crazy and wallop infinate amount of unforgiven food and backfire if u go beyond 3 days!!!

I don't believe in express weight loss...i believe in loosing them slowly but surely. So detox diet can be done perhaps once or twice per month untill you reach your ideal weight.

Personally, i dont give a hoot about my body weight as the numbers are only known to you but not others so why bother.... Looking good however is most important, and not having unwanted buldges over the wrong places.

Current goal is to loose the bulges at midriff, cellulite infested thunder thighs, equally flabby thunder arms.......i'd like to keep the C cup but the booty can also reduce abit la....

Note to self : stock up on nuts and prunes...Green tea too.
2nd Note to Self: missy...i know what you're thinking and the answer is NO!!!.......NO KFC!!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm, looks like it's high time for myself to embark on a diet again. i'm beginning to accumulate fats, looking like a walrus :(

let's diet together, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Wah seriously, FA!! Soup + honeydew for dinner - that's enough to make me faint just thinking about it!

Wuching said...

i've never had to worry about weigh gain until recently..old age comes with extra kilos! so now i do watch what i eat! *blek*

Anonymous said...

These are the signs I've made & posted on the door of my fridge for inspiration:

"Tough diets never last, but tough dieters do."

"Another good reducing exercise consists in placing both hands against the table edge & pushing back."

"One way to get rid of weight is to leave it on the plate."

All the best & believe in yourself. I did & that helps. :p

Arena Green said...

You just reminded me once again that I need to jumpstart my salad days soon, so you've got company! Vanity has a price ... *sigh*

Naddy said...

once in every few months i do detox also, i go juice diet for 3days... it's a detox prog... now so long never do already, but fasting month is coming soon so ok la, fasting can consider detox also ehehehe

chong y l said...


No need to lose weight to Attend G7+!

I like Cybil Shepherd; I also like Ncicole Kidman -- I wanna look at Thy Heart-lah!:) Au, Ag, PT?

Anonymous said...

Looks like I need to get on diet as well. Thanks for the tip!

Fashionasia said...

laksa: come come we diet together....can see u put on some weight leh frm the lates pic!! hehe

clair: believe me i dont do that often...:P

wuching: older somemore u will loose all those pounds and then start to shrink!!!

jemima: thanks for the tips! i said... spirit is willing but flesh is weak....

AM: eat healthy!! maybe u can share some recipes with me okay!

naddy: must resist all the ramadhan food! thats the hard part....whole day ive been thinking about keropok lekor i dunno y......

desi: i oso like nicole kidman..but i prefer jessica alba's body! vavavoom...

theangel: wow many ppl wanna join me diet cannot!! all of u must eat!!! eat eat n eat so that when everyone is fat fat round round...i shall bcome the thinnest of them all!! bruahaha! *evil laughter*

Naddy said...

surprisingly, more chinese at pasar ramadhan than malays ehehe

Anonymous said...