Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mega Sales is what have you achieved?

Ya so September marks the end of the month long Mega sales.
I love that my birthday falls on the megasales month. That way, people get to buy me pretty things at a discount! :)

So for those of you who didn't manage to get around shopping during the mega sales, worry Deepavali and Hari Raya season is around the corner (both on Oct), i forsee there will still be lots of sales going on in September. Just received the Jusco members day notification. Mark your calendar shopperholics...its on 13th September!

Was pretty busy the past 2 days....i hope it will help me in my goal in loosing the buldges.....less munchies......(who am i kidding, im munching on currypuff as I type thats for breakfast)

Went over to KL on tuesday for appointment...normally if i'm around bukit bintang area for morning meetings, i'd definately end up in Sg.Wang during lunch time for a shopping quickie....
This time around i totally struggled when i drove past the golden triangle....totally had to chant "sales is over....sales is over....sales is over......." to stop myself from the "unexpected" stop. teeheee....... So manage i did to resist temptation ......yee get thou behind me!! The magnetic force around Sg.Wang was reallly tugging me hard....but i persisted....yey! good one for the wallet.

oh ya, so the Japanese princess Kiko gave birth to a baby boy huh?! I see the rumours are true. Well, congratulations to the Japanese for maintaining the monarchy...Though I was slightly dissappointed that little princess Aiko is not gonna grow up to be an empress...but i see this is best for her and her mother too. Wow, Finally...a boy!! Bless that child......for he had relieved much stress for the nation i suppose..

Oh.....and check out baby suri Cruise on the latest Vanity Fair cute!


Anonymous said...

Suri's really cute, looks matured for a 4 month old.

Anonymous said...

wah...dark hair summore...looks really nice lor. Like...fair skinned, dark hair...Snow White =P

Naddy said...

yeah mega sale is over but soon shld be another sale for raya/deepavali then end of year/xmas sale... aiyohhh almost all year round sale... as if can pluck money from the tree :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I like shopping as well...