Friday, September 22, 2006

Investigations on SK II

frm TodayOnline

I really hate to say "I TOLD YOU SO" to SKII users. oh well.....i guess let this be a learning experience ya?
I never ever used SKII before as I've always been skeptical over its products. I have many friends who've used SKII before and told me many scary stories. 1 person told me that her skin started thinning after using SKII and it became painful and sensitive. Took her 2 years to recover and that 2 years she couldnt use any products on her face AT ALL!! No make-up and Not even any face-care products except for the ones prescribed by the doctor. Poor thing!
Some people told me that after using SKII you must keep on continue using it as if you stop, your skin totally worstens. And i've heard the same story from many sources too and not solely 1 person.

Now this happens.....and makes me wonder what actually is this PITERA Sammy Cheng raves about during commercials.

So those SKII users be careful altough P&G Malaysia haven't informed the consumers if the SKII Malaysia contains the banned substance as of those found in China.

Sigh, makes me doubt my Estee Lauder for a nano-second there. But in any case, I still love Estee lauder (untill & unless proven otherwise). Perhaps its time for SKII users to switch brand. I recommend Estee Lauder ok. Actually some doctors actually recommend the use of estee Lauder skin care too... :> Think Sizzling Elizabeth Hurley Estee Lauder founded and supports Breast Cancer Research centres, so its all for a good cause.

At times like this when banned substance are found in our daily products....even in our daily expensive bread......sigh.....makes me wonder what other potential harm i'm putting my body to on a daily basis??


Day 15

BF: 5 cream crackers + coffee
Lunch: 3 poh piahs
Dinner: Thai fried rice

Munching: sunsweet prunes

Day 16

BF: 4 pieces of sushi
Lunch: herbal rice + chicken
Dinner: rice + prawns + vege

Tea: had a cheese bun. bad


Olive Poppy said...

Every now and then they'll come up with a report that some product that's been around for ages contains harmful substances. It sure is scary, but blame it on vanity, women will never stop using beauty products just because of that.

I've been skeptical about SK II too, but my heart itches whenever I hear raving comments about it. :P

irenekay said...

I like stuff from Peter Thomas Roth from Ken's Apocathery..but DARN SUPA mahal thats y I stop- cannot maintain!!....My Aunt who use La Prairie user also swith to Peter.... maybe 1 fine day when i earn big bucks, i can consider

I'm using biotherm now...and I like their stuff too..... i tried estee lauder but no offence, not much result i get...kekeke

Anonymous said...

Today's npaper clarified things I think?

I love Biotherm. Especially the BioDetox. Skin looked better after using it and the moisturiser macam tak habis habis =P

Fashionasia said...

missmall: ya....ive always wondered what if too! but....cant bring myself to try it.

irenekay:wah your aunt must be some rich tai tai! :>

Skay & Irenek: I tried Bioterm before and seriously its good!! I'm thinking to get a bioterm moisturizer. Any good recommendation?

Bubbles said...

i think Biotherm does nothing for my just keeps my skin clean... that's all. but i'm currently loving Kose Sekkisei (yes, i know their bottles are kinda cough syrupy looking) becos it minimizes my pores and makes my face much fairer.

Anonymous said...

I'm using Bio Hydra-Detox. I like it. Doesn't give this greasy feeling after slapping some on and it really cleared up my skin.

I wonder if Kose's mask is good.

irenekay said...

i'm using those for combination skin and certain serum and gel for oily skin cuz i'm prone to breakout.... actually he beauty of their range that it goes according to your skin need.

I guess different ppl skin react differently to different kinda brand. My fren got massive breakout after trying La Mer...hrmmm...

For oily skin, i would highly recommend T Le Crec oil control works wonders for my T-zone!