Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sultanas Vs. Raisins

Quote of the day:
"I long for the day when the thoughest decision i had to make for the day is "What shall I have for dinner??"


Day 13:
BF: None
Lunch: honey glazed pork-rib rice. Yum!! Couldn't finish the rice though
Tea: 1 cup of mushroom soup + 2 slice of crackers
Late Dinner: Vege+ fish + little bit rice oni

Day 14:
BF: small piece of bread
Lunch: small plate of wan tan mee
Dinner:Rice + crabs +soup

Tea: munch on some Australian Sultanas.

My hubby is an absolute raisin fan and so we bought quite alot of them from our recent visit to Coles at Chadstone last month.
But one thing that i couldnt identify the difference is between sultanas & raisins.
Can someone tell me whats the difference between Sultanas & Raisins please?
We bought some from Sunbeam and some from Farmland. I like the Farmland Sultanas....but frankly they taste like raisins to me.

(these are sunbeam sultanas, cant find Farmland ones but its similar but in yellow packaging)

And what I like most about Farmland Sultanas is that they have this statement on the box:
"satisfaction guaranteed or your money CHEERFULLY refunded."

THATS what I call confidence! and i like it.

PS. I've included Raisins and Prunes as my dietary munching food. :)
Surviving Day 15 without Lays Stax! WOW! hehe


Anonymous said...

huh? you mean there's a difference between sultanas and raisins!


and all these while i thought they were the same... :(

Anonymous said...

Raisins are made from red grapes and sultanas from white.

Hehe...i googled for the answer.

Fashionasia said...

laksa: THATS what I thought too!!!

Leandra: OMG!! *hugsss!* I love you!! haha....u know this is such a eureka moment!!! how we ALWAYS wondered what does RSVP mean untill we finally found the answer somewhere... You're a great sport! TQ!

Anonymous said...

hehe... I was gonna post the answer but I see Leandra beat me to it :)

Wuching said... that u know the answer, whats the difference between a monkey & a chimpanzee?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you’ve been tagged. Check it out on my site.


p/s Prunes are good for you, too. :p

Ianfluenza said...

"The sultana is a type of white, seedless grape of Turkish or Persian origin, as well as a type of raisin made from it; such sultana raisins are often called simply sultanas. These are typically larger than the currants made from Zante grapes but smaller than 'normal' raisins, and are noted for their sweetness and golden colour."

- Adapted from Wikipedia

Argh! Chadstone! You reminded me again! I'll be walking pass that very Coles later. Hahaa!

Anonymous said...

Now you brought currants in to the discussion. As far as I know, currants are made out of cherries so do not mix-up currants with raisins or sultans.

Anonymous said...

ok why dont u just google it.... currants are red grapes... sultanas are larger then currants and are seedless and white... raisens are a collective of saltanas and usually are smaller then sultanas but still from a white grape....